Tons of effort and precise, time-consuming work goes into creating breathtaking and thrilling animation for big-budget shows. The animators work day and night to present the most spectacular examples of their craft to the public.

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And fans are mesmerized by the fluid and dynamic action scenes, getting lost in complex and dark worlds and holding their breath as they watch the fast-paced, tense battles unfold. Unfortunately, not all animation studios have the budget and skilled staff needed to create high-quality animation. Still, that doesn’t necessarily mean the stories they’re trying to bring to life aren’t worth telling. Poor animation can make it harder to enjoy an otherwise amazing show for some viewers, but some anime stories shine with poor production quality.

ten Cop Craft has one of the most unique premises in recent anime history

Cop Craft Kei Mataba and Tilarna

The cop buddy movie subgenre has few examples in the anime industry. Nevertheless, action sci-fi cop craft is a love letter to this niche of American cinema that gives it a recognizable anime touch. The anime takes place in the coastal town of San-Teresa, which is full of fairies and monsters.

The unlikely partners, an excellent policeman Kei and a noble fairy Tilarna, must overcome their differences and work together to restore peace to this bizarre world. Despite the show’s lackluster production value, it can become an instant favorite for any fan of the genre, delivering incredible character development and a gripping plot for viewers.

9 Teekyu was a one-man passion project

Anime Teekyu playing tennis

Teekyu is the purest and most absurd concentration of creator Itagaki Shin’s vivid and unorthodox imagination. The show’s director was responsible for the hectic action-comedy Ben To, and some of the most bizarre and energetic episodes of gurren lagann. And his love for high-spirited, absurd humor culminates in Teekyua slice-of-life comedy about schoolgirls playing tennis.

Itagaki Shin created the show all by himself, directing, writing, scripting, and hosting each episode, which resulted in the show’s limited, low-budget look. However, Teekyu is a project of its creator’s boundless love for his craft, which shines its vigor and passion in every episode.

8 Gintama’s first season hasn’t aged well in terms of animation quality

Anime Gintama The Movie Benizakura Shocked Full Cast

Many long-running shonen series from the early 2000s aged poorly due to low production budgets. Nonetheless, the poor animation quality hasn’t stopped them from acquiring myriads of die-hard fans who continue to adore their favorite childhood anime to this day. The first season of the legendary gag anime Gintama was not as action-focused as other Shonen Jump giants of the same era, so its animation was even more lackluster.

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However, this in no way affected the narrative quality of the series. Same by Gintama the early seasons remain one of the funniest episodes of anime.

7 XxxHolic’s terrible character models made the show infamous among CLAMP’s fanbase

CLAMP’s works have a huge cult following among the anime community, backed by the group’s unique character designs and captivating and compelling storytelling. Unlike the creative group Goliath shojo Sakura card sensorthe seinen psychological drama xxxHolic did not have the budget for a refined and aesthetic animation.

The series suffered from inconsistent character models, stiff motion animations, and unnatural, almost horrifying character designs that looked comically out of proportion and grotesque. However, xxxHolic managed to attract a large fan community with a captivating and unorthodox story worthy of the legendary studio.

6 Ajin: Demi-Human is yet another example of poorly executed 3D anime

Sato prepares to reappear in Ajin Demi Human

3D animation doesn’t often land with anime audiences accustomed to the much more traditional look of hand-drawn art style. The classic anime aesthetic doesn’t contrast well with the nature of 3D animation. The ancient creators of the medium are still new to the relatively contemporary mechanics of creating a beautiful spectacle with modern 3D technology.

Ajin: Demi-human was an experience for Polygon Pictures, which did not go smoothly. Despite the series’ incredible thriller storyline and the devotion of the original manga‘s fan base, Ajin had a cold reception and failed to make anime audiences more tolerant of 3D animation.

5 Inferno Cop kickstarted Studio Trigger’s path to fame

hell cop main character

Cop from hell was the first project that newly created studio Trigger released after splitting from Gainax. The series was released as a low-budget short direct to YouTube and featured all of the signature elements that would later define the team’s unorthodox style.

Cop from hell has no borders; it’s hilarious, over-the-top entertainment that keeps its audience on the edge of their seat at every second. In the case of this show, the limited animation is not a downside. It is a sign of dedication and vigor from a newly established group of creators who have yet to rock the anime world with their upcoming projects.

4 Bokurano had to compromise on the quality of his Mecha battles in order to tell a moving story

Mecha amine usually requires a lot of manpower and dedication from creators to properly animate shows. Mechs are technically difficult to animate, which leaves most series in the genre to very competent large studios.

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Gonzo studio creators behind bokurano lacked the budget and experience for a grand mecha production. Instead of animating exquisite battles between giant robots, they decided to focus on the psychological aspects of the story. As a result, by Bokurano the visuals may be lackluster, but the anime’s brilliant plot and character development leave no one indifferent.

3 Kingdom doesn’t capture the thrilling art of its original manga

CGI in anime always gets a lot of backlash, especially if its use takes away from the amazing art of the original manga. The brilliant visuals of the of the Kingdom the source material carried much of the narrative, transporting readers into the story’s fascinating historical setting.

In the case of the anime adaptation of the manga, much of the environmental magic was killed off by the series’ low-budget CGI and stiff, lifeless animation. And while manga might be a better way to live of the Kingdom thrilling story, the anime still does the story justice even if it hasn’t achieved visual mastery.

2 Higurashi remains one of the best horror series, despite its gruesome animation

Higurashi when they cry OP

The horror genre relies heavily on its mood, which is created primarily through competent visual accompaniment and stellar, haunting sound design. While considered one of the best horror series in the industry, Higurashi was rough around the edges, with out-of-model characters and distracting shoddy animation.

While those familiar with the original visual novel might hate the adaptation for its unfaithful portrayal of story and character, the series still manages to scare viewers away. The wrong animation might even help Higurashi in this regard.

1 Mobile Suit Gundam 0079 is an amazing series with horrible animation quality

gundam 0079

the Gundam The franchise has produced myriads of stellar, big-budget mecha series over the years. But with a franchise as large and diverse as Gundam, some shows that drop in quality are unavoidable. In terms of visual skill and animation quality, Mobile Suit Gundam 0079 might be the worst addition to the series.

During the anime’s production, its lead animator and character designer Gundam 0079 fell ill and had to be hospitalized. As a result, the show’s quality dropped dramatically, leading to some hilarious animation errors.

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