The anime is animation, but there are times when the animators decide to do a little experimentation by adding live action footage into the mix. Sometimes this is even done exclusively in the international versions of the show to help promote it.

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There are different ways for animators to combine live action with animation. Sometimes an animated character appears on top of a live action movie, and vice versa. Sometimes scenes alternate between actual shooting and animation without the two meeting up. Other times the animation will be done using still images or live photographs. Another, and somewhat less obvious, way for animators to combine live action and animation is to use rotoscoping, in which animation is produced by tracing images of live actors, producing movement. realistic.

ten Sailor Moon: It happened a bit overseas and in the occasional commercial

Clip Sailor Moon Bernard Minet

When Sailor moon has been promoted in other countries, it has become popular to have live actors with the animated heroines. Actress Tia Browsh once performed a live-action version of Sailor Moon while hosting a Thanksgiving marathon of the show’s dub Dic.

In France, to promote the release of the first film, a music video was made with the male singer of the French overture disguised as a Tuxedo Mask, appearing with the Sailor Scouts animation. Malaysian singer Crystal Ong also released a “Sailor Moon” video with artists dressed as Sailor Scouts and Tuxedo Mask performing on a slideshow of manga images. Even in Japan, advertisements often had Sailor Moon interacting with real life children.

9 Angie Girl: US release had live-action segments with Michael Evans and Bernard Fox

Sherlock & Me

The 70s anime angie girl revolves around Angie Islington, Sherlock Holmes’ niece, who enjoys solving cases. She was even made an honorary detective after being implicated in a case involving the Queen’s Ring. In the United States, a few episodes aired as Charlotte Holmes’ case book and featured live action segments with Sherlock Holmes and John Watson, played by Michael Evans and Bernard Fox.

8 Pummeled angel Dokuro-chan: the series sometimes uses animated photographs

Angel Dokuro Monkey

While animation is generally considered to use drawings or 3DCG, it is also possible to animate photographs. This can be seen in the animated series Blunt Angel Dokuro-chan, which often uses animal photographs in scenes featuring transforming characters.

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In the first episode, Dokuro manages to turn a classmate into a monkey. Later episodes involve characters transforming into other live-action animals.

7 Kare Kano: There is an episode made with stick puppets

Kare Kano fire puppet

The animated series, Kare Kano, also known as His and his situation, faced a troubled production, forcing animators to get creative when it came to what was once meant to be a romantic comedy. Several episodes used animated photographs, and there was a multitude of recap episodes. One episode features the characters appearing as stick puppets filmed with a camera. The animators even went so far as to light one on fire.

6 Panty & Stocking with Garter Belt: Panty & Stocking’s mom, or at least her legs, appears in live-action

Panties Stockings Mom

In Panties and stockings with garter belt, when the Anarchy sisters manage to defeat the trouble-causing ghost in each episode, a live-action model explodes. In the final episode, in the final battle, Panty and Stocking are saved at the last second by their mother, who appears as a live pair of legs, including panties and stockings.

5 FLCL: End song uses a live Vespa and Amaro’s eyebrows were made with seaweed

FLCL Vespa

The ending sequence for the FLCL the anime uses live action footage of a yellow Vespa moped, like the one owned by Haruko, moving alone through a city. In real life, it belonged to the series character creator Yoshiyuki Sadamoto. In another use of the live action, Amarao’s eyebrows were made by scanning chunks of processed seaweed.

4 Pop Team Epic: Shouta Aoi saves Popuko and Pipimi in the last episode

Shouta Aoi saves the anime

In the last episode of Pop epic team, Shouta Aoi, supposed to magically appear whenever Popuko and Pipimi need him, shows up to save the day. Previously, episodes often featured the “JAPON MiGNON” sketches, in which Popuko and Pipimi embarked on light adventures in France hosted by segment director Thibault Tresca.

3 Jewelpet Sunshine: Yaginuma becomes a real goat in one episode

Jewelpet Sunshine Goat

In Jewelpet Sun, Yaginuma the Goat is normally animated but turns into a live goat for one episode. In some scenes, he appears in a bubble alongside the real characters, although other scenes have the animated characters superimposed on live action footage. At the end of the episode, it is revealed that her transformation was the result of a spell Labra cast and forgot to undo.

2 Excel Saga: opening features characters walking in live-action footage

Presentation of the Excel saga

The Excel Saga anime is known for being the type of comedy that enjoys breaking the fourth wall, discussing anime tropes, and poking fun at the past roles of voice actors.

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In the opening song, the characters can even be seen walking against live-action backgrounds, as if they’ve barged into the real world.

1 Journey To The West: Son Goku Meets Toei’s President In Trailer

Son Goku Toei President

The animated adaptation of Travel west, also known as Alakazam the Great in the West, has done everything to promote the film, such as Osamu Tezuka, infamous, appointed director and appear in advertising photos. Not only does the trailer for the film show what goes on behind the scenes, but for a few seconds, the Monkey King himself, Son Goku, even shakes hands with the president of Toei Animation.

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