The world of Japanese manga and anime is bigger and better than ever, and fans have endless options for finding new series to read or watch. Some fans will start with the classics such as dragonball and Sailor Moonor recently completed titles such as demon slayer‘s manga or maybe tokyo ghoul. This way, the reader has the satisfaction of being able to complete the whole story at their own pace.

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Meanwhile, manga enthusiasts, whether new or experienced, can also delve into the many ongoing shonen manga series to keep pace with current manga trends. At some point the reader will be caught up and then look forward to new chapters every week with the rest of the crowd, which is fun in its own way. A handful of shonen manga series stand out as the best for new fans.

ten My Hero Academia is on the home stretch

Author Kohei Horikoshi has paid loving homage to American superhero comics and 20th century shonen classics with his new manga series. my hero academia in the mid-2010s. His series was a hit, and now, it’s a staple of the shonen manga world.

It’s the story of protagonist Izuku Midoriya and his quest to become the new symbol of peace, or the greatest professional hero, and his battle against evil. Now, the manga has reached its jaw-dropping climax, and longtime fans can’t wait to see how this heroic manga tale ends.

9 Jujutsu Kaisen is another Shonen staple

Author Gege Akutami’s hit fantasy shonen series Jujutsu Kaisen is another 21st century shonen staple, and it can be grouped with my hero academia and demon slayer to form a new unofficial “big three” from the manga. All three series have a lot to offer.

Jujutsu Kaisen features protagonist Yuji Itadori on his quest to destroy Monstrous Curses while trying to tame the Curse King, Ryomen Sukuna, within himself. Yuji fights hard, but he may be living on borrowed time, and the curses show him no mercy. His life in high school will never be the same again.

8 Komi can’t communicate tells a charming story

Komi can’t communicate, by Tomohito Oda, is a cute slice-of-life rom-com shonen series starring silent protagonist Shoko Komi. She’s a beautiful dandere who is determined to come out of her shell and make friends for the first time. In fact, she wants 100.

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Shoko Komi’s life will be changed forever when she expands her social circle at school and has all kinds of fun going to the pool, having snowball fights and participating in school activities. school festival. This shonen series is largely episodic in nature, meaning it can continue long into the future.

seven Kaiju #8 Features Awesome Monsters

Author Naoya Matsumoto delighted the shonen manga community with the hit series Kaiju #8, and true to its title, this manga series is all about giant monsters and the carnage they inflict on society. Kafka Hibino is the hero, and to defeat the kaiju monsters he must become the hero himself.

Fortunately, Kafka retains his personality when fighting as a titanic monster, but even so, it’s pretty scary to see him in action, fighting fire with fire like this. He’s certainly come a long way since clearing bodies after kaiju attacks, that’s for sure.

6 Chainsaw Man defies all Shonen standards in bloody fashion

Currently, author Tatsuki Fujimoto’s bestselling series Chainsaw Man is everywhere, and it’s easy to see why. This gory, brutal and funny shonen series both embraces and viciously deconstructs everything that makes shonen what it is. You have to read it to believe it.

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The hero is Denji, a punk boy who can transform into the Chainsaw Man to destroy demons, though his own allies like Power and Makima are almost as monstrous as the creatures they are meant to destroy. Now the first major arc of Chainsaw Man is over, and the second part has recently started with chapter 99.

5 Noragami is unearthly fun

The hit fantasy series from author Adachitoka Noragami is a great choice for anyone who loves series like demon slayer, fire force, Bleachand D.Gray-Man. All of them are shonen action manga series where the heroes fight supernatural monsters with swords or magic, after all.

Noragami is approaching its peak, and new fans are being invited to join the adventure as it reaches its peak. The hero, the rogue god Yato, is a noble fighter who will risk his life for his friends, be they human, god or anything in between. The art style is also excellent, with lush detail and clear action.

4 Undead Unluck is a thrilling adventure

Undead bad luck feels a bit obscure compared to familiar names like demon slayer and my hero academia, but Yoshifumi Tozuka’s charming shonen manga series is still worth a read. It’s the story of Fuuko Izumo, a Japanese girl who drains everyone’s luck with her Negator ability.

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This often has fatal results, so Fuuko tends to stay away from people. But then she meets Andy, an immortal man who is determined to end his life one way or another. The two make an odd but fun pair, and their clashing Negator abilities complement each other well.

3 The Spy X family has gotten huge now

Shonen series by author Tatsuya Endo Spy x Family quickly became one of the biggest names in the manga world, and the adventure continues in full swing. The series is set against a Cold War backdrop where the nations of Westalis and Ostania are on the brink of war and spies are everywhere.

The hero is the Westalis spy Twilight, who now goes by Loid Forger, who is determined to uncover Ostania’s deepest secrets. But first, he has to pose as a family man, and his adopted telepathic daughter Anya is now part of the mission as well. Meanwhile, Loid’s new wife, Yor, is secretly Ostania’s #1 assassin.

2 Mashle: Magic and muscles are a punch Harry Potter

Action comedy shonen series by author Hajime Komoto Mashle: Magic and Muscles has the visual flair of Harry Potter films while having thematic links with both Harry Potter and my hero academia. The protagonist, Mash Burndead, was born helpless into a world where magic means everything.

So Mash makes up for it with his amazing physical feats, which makes him the new Saitama. He is a student at a wizarding school, and his superhuman athletic feats more than make up for his inability to cast a single spell. Being born without talent isn’t so bad after all.

1 Tokyo Revengers will change the future

Tokyo avengers is a shonen action series from author Ken Wakui, telling the story of underdog hero Takemichi and his quest to return to his delinquent past and save his best friend Hinata from certain doom. Hinata died of gang violence in 2017, so in 2005 Takemichi will change the course of history.

It means getting tangled up in youth gang violence, and Takemichi is having a tough time as a borderline pacifist. But he has to do his best or Hinata’s little brother Naoto will never find peace and Hinata will never have the chance to live.

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