The world of manga is highly diverse and competitive, with every creator in the industry constantly striving to create the next outstanding breakthrough, on par with demon slayer Where A play. Competition is particularly strong in the field of action manga, the most popular and sought-after genre in the industry. The exciting world of action manga is full of incredibly talented, skilled, and skilled creators.

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While some become industry icons, recognized for their genius by myriads of fans, others remain in the underground world of manga. Nevertheless, lesser-known action manga are rarely less exciting and incredible than their more popular counterparts. Moreover, the opposite is often true. The manga industry’s hidden gems are some of the most unconventional, thrilling, and visually compelling works an action fan can find.

ten Dorothea reimagines classic tropes of the Joan of Arc story in a heart-pounding fantasy setting


The fantasy action series Dorothy is a well-hidden treasure of the historical shonen world. The tale is set in an alternate medieval world where albino children are vigorously protected and treated as sacred. The manga’s protagonist, an albino girl Dorothea, finds the admiration of her gender troublesome and seeks to escape her closed and overprotected existence.

Dorothea’s opportunity to break free takes the form of tragedy, as her village is attacked. Despite the prejudices of her traditionalist society, Dorothea takes up the sword and enlists in the army, embarking on an exciting path of countless hardships, victories and losses.

9 The ruthless protagonist of Yongbi The Invincible takes Manhwa action to a whole new level

Yongbi the Invincible

The world of Korean manhwa is saturated with captivating action stories. Although most of them don’t get the same international recognition as their Japanese counterparts, South Korean fiction is a great place to look for exciting new action reads.

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Yongbi the Invincible is a manhwa that isn’t incredibly well-known even among fans of the subgenre. Nonetheless, the series contains some of the most jaw-dropping action sequences in the medium. The story follows the terrifying adventures of a fearless and immoral bounty hunter, Yongbi, as he carves up his many victims. The simple premise gives Yongbi the Invincible infinite potential to perform violent and remorseless actions.

8 Wild Adapter is a very unconventional, action-oriented Shonen Ai manga series

wild adapter

Seinen ai as a genre is rarely associated with intense, action-packed storytelling. Nonetheless, BL manga is much more diverse than most people realize, made up of series in every genre, from slice-of-life to psychological thrillers. While having heartfelt seinen ai elements, Wild Adapter remains focused on executing its action scenes and advancing the suspenseful, gritty plot.

The mature drama series follows a young delinquent Kubota, enthralled by the world of street crime in Japan. Once he comes into contact with a mysterious drug called Wild Adapter. Along with his unlikely sidekick, a drifter named Tokito, Kubota must uncover the secrets of this dangerous new narcotic.

7 Itsuwaribito has one of the most unorthodox protagonists in the action manga world


The infinitely exciting shonen manga Itsuwaribito follows the classic conventions of its genre, giving hardcore fans of the genre a new spin on their beloved tropes. The series is perfect for seasoned shonen fans looking for something new to add to their ever-growing collection of favorites.

Itsuwaribito follows a hero of deception, Utsuho, whose incredible veracity as a child led to the death of his entire family. Following the disaster, the boy decided to always lie. However, that doesn’t make Utsuho a bad person. Despite being a troublesome child, he is determined to help others in need, if only through unconventional methods of deception.

6 Nejimaki Kagyu has mastered the flow of his uniquely drawn action scenes

It’s almost impossible to talk about inventive and visually compelling action without mentioning Nejimaki Kagyu, one of the most aesthetically unique manga series in the industry. He manages to take full advantage of his creative medium by utilizing all of his panel space in unorthodox and compelling ways. Nejimaki Kagyu flows with exceptional vigor, engrossing readers in the dynamic action.

The manga’s simple plot follows an unwitting womanizer Negizawa Kamo, who has attracted all the students from the school he teaches. Kamo’s only protection from unwanted female attention is his childhood friend Jubei, a martial arts master.

5 Eien No 0 takes a detour through Japan’s military history

Eien No 0

Unlike the fantasy world of shonen manga, action works aimed at older audiences often take a more grounded and realistic approach to creating gripping stories. Instead of creating his own magical world, Hey no 0 take a trip down memory lane.

With the manga’s protagonist, a powerless NEET Kentraou, readers learn about the man’s legendary grandfather, an ace pilot in the Imperial Japanese Navy. The story of Kyuuzou Miyabe is not as simple as it seems, composed of many gray areas and controversial elements.

4 X is an underrated masterpiece from the legendary creators of CLAMP

x CLAMP manga cover

The legendary all-female CLAMP creative team is responsible for bringing many memorable and beloved series to the anime world, such as Sakura card sensor and xxxHolic. Nevertheless, not all the series made by the team have received the same level of fame and universal recognition.

CLAMP’s action-packed supernatural manga X is a beloved cult classic among die-hard team fans. However, he was not as popular with the general public. Despite the lack of publicity, X can surprise any action fan with its brilliantly executed fight choreography, engaging storytelling, and CLAMP’s signature design elements.

3 Dear Boy is a twisted tale of ruthless revenge

dear boy manhwa

Revenge stories have always had the power to grab the public’s attention. A protagonist who is just out for revenge is a relatable and sympathetic hero. In the case of dear boya dramatic and violent action manhwa, rooting for the protagonist can be a bit difficult due to his uncontrollable ruthlessness.

After his brother becomes the target of bullies at school, Yong Jin feels like his only option is to mete out just punishment on those who deserve it himself. His methods may seem excessively ruthless; however, watching Yong Jin follow his path of revenge is endlessly entertaining.

2 Magical Girl Apocalypse combines Shojo tropes with a zombie dystopia setting

magic girl apocalypse

Magical girl deconstructions have become incredibly popular in recent years, almost carving out the trope into its own subgenre. Magical Girl Apocalypse stands out even in its incredibly subversive and multifaceted category.

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The manga’s turbulent and violent story follows the events of a strange zombie uprising. However, instead of the conventional undead monsters, the world is attacked by creepy magical girls. After watching the strange little zombies slaughter his entire school, manga protagonist Kii and other scattered survivors must find a way to stop the apocalypse.

1 The World is Mine is an action manga that never hits the breaks

the world is mine manga

Devoted action fans are constantly on the lookout for manga series that are willing to let go of all limits to create the most thrilling and mind-blowing story out there. The world is Mine is a manga with endless ambitions and an instinctive understanding of the elements that make action such a popular and beloved genre.

The series follows the violent rampage of an immoral killer Mon and his timid but maniacally destructive companion Toshi. Their killing spree is destined to collide with the Path Higumadon, a huge, indestructible kaiju-like beast.

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