When it comes to superheroes, one of the most popular and well-known saviors is Batman, or as he is also known as Bruce Wayne. Since 1939 when the character was first created, his popularity has grown in leaps and bounds for several reasons. Batman embraces his fears and dark past and uses them for good, even though he is a vigilante seeking justice in a world full of criminals and corruption.

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With an air of mystery, intense drama, and action, Batman is enjoyable even today. There are several manga similar to Batman which contain a mix of action, drama, mystery and crime that fans of this superhero will enjoy reading.

ten Inspector Shimotsuki Mika is tasked with bringing two people back from a place that doesn’t look like a shrine at all (Psycho-Pass SS)

Psycho Pass SS

Psycho-Pass SS is a dystopian action-mystery manga from creators Ryou Yoshigami and Natsuo Sai, and is a series based on the Psycho-Pass lively. Yasaka Izumi is a psychological counselor at a remote facility, known as the Sanctuary, for criminals.

However, after crashing a vehicle in front of the Public Security Bureau building, she was immediately returned to the facility. Inspector Shimotsuki Mika is in charge of bringing her back, along with the executor Ginoza Nobuchika. They soon discover that the Sanctuary is a fake Promised Land.

9 Dr. Tenma saves the life of an orphaned boy but his decision changes the course of his future (Monster)


From author and artist Naoki Urasawa, Monster is a detective, dramatic and mysterious manga. Dr Kenzo Tenma is an incredible surgeon who had it all. That was until he made a choice that changed the course of his future. He was given the choice to save an orphan boy.

The boy he chose to save is a serial killer who then committed horrific and horrific acts. It’s up to Tenma to scour the country in search of the boy who compromises his own beliefs, morals and sanity.

8 Light Yagami becomes a vigil to kill the Corrupted, but this leads him down a dark and terrible path (Death Note)

Death threat, by creators Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata, is a detective, dramatic and mysterious manga starring vigilantes and serial killers. Light Yagami is a smart high school student who is fed up with the social life he leads.

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When he discovers a book called Death Note, he thinks he has discovered something valuable. Light decides to kill people he thinks are corrupt, but this leads him down a terrible path.

seven Man returns to the past and hopes he can save the life of a murdered (erased) girl

Manga Erased

Erased is a detective, detective, and drama manga by author and artist Kei Sanbe. Satoru Fujinuma is just trying to survive life when he’s somehow transported back to when he was a little kid. As a child, he sees his old friends, his mother and Kayo Hinazuki, a young girl who has been kidnapped and killed.

Knowing what awaits him, Satoru hopes he can change the horrible fate of the young girl, but there is little a young boy can do against an unknown evil lurking in the shadows.

6 Young detective reverts to younger body and must become someone else to capture the culprits (case closed)

manga closed case

Created by Gosho Aoyama, Case closed is a manga of criminal adventure, drama and mystery. Shinichi Kudo is a famous detective, even though he’s still a teenager, and one day hopes to look like his hero, Sherlock Holmes.

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While on a case, he’s forced to try an experimental drug that somehow brings his body back to that of a seven-year-old. To get under the radar, he changes his name to Conan Edogawa and hopes to capture the culprits with the help of his family and friends.

5 Two opposing investigators must find a way to work together to catch the criminals (Switch)

Change, from author and artist Naked Ape, is a psychological drama and detective manga. Kai Eto is a new Narcotics Control Division investigator and is immediately associated with Hal Kurabayashi, known to be a cold workaholic. The two differ in many ways.

Where Hal is effective at locating and arresting criminals, Kai becomes personally involved in each case to the point of losing control of his emotions and objectivity. He even develops a violent and ruthless alter ego. The two colleagues clash so much that their ability to do their jobs is constantly compromised unless they find a way to overcome their differences and work together.

4 A masked vigilante is looking for corrupt individuals but he is only in high school (Akumetsu)


Akumetsu is a dramatic, action-packed manga from creators Yoshiaki Tabata and Yuuki Yugo. Nagasawa Shiina was just an ordinary high school student until her parents went bankrupt. To help pay off her family’s debt, she becomes a courtesan for an escort agency. On her first night, however, a mysterious vigilante bursts in and she recognizes who it is: one of her classmates.

Shou, the vigilante, hopes to root out corrupt individuals in the Japanese government. He is desperate to make this happen, even if it means killing people, with the help of those who also want justice.

3 Two men are killed and restored with powers, but what they do with them is very different (Inuyashiki)

From author and artist Hiroya Oku, Inuyashiki is a psychological action and drama manga. Ichirou Inuyashiki is a compassionate and caring older man whose family does not appreciate him. When he finds out that he is dying of cancer, he is shocked to know that his life is over.

Hiro Shishigami is a high school student who lives in the same town, but he is the complete opposite of Inuyashiki. When both are hit by alien light and killed, they are restored by the aliens with the addition of extraordinary powers. Where Inuyashiki wants to use his for good, Hiro has other plans, and it’s up to the older man to save everyone.

2 Vigilante carrying newspaper causes internet sensation as he seeks justice against the corrupt (prophecy)

Prophecy manga

Prophecy, from author and artist Tetsuya Tsutsui, is a psychological drama and mystery manga. A new task force, created to fight Internet crime, is led by the ruthless but magnificent Yoshino Erika.

When a vigilante who carries a newspaper over his head begins to broadcast what he is going to do before committing the crime, his popularity soars as he obtains justice against the corrupt. It’s up to Erika to stop the vigilante before his crimes escalate further.

1 A Seemingly Wonderful Detective is secretly a serial killer who targets those beyond the reach of the police (Brutal: Confessions Of A Homicide Investigator)

Brutal: Confessions of a homicide investigator is a psychological mystery manga by Kei Koga and Ryou Izawa. Hiroki Dan is a detective with it all – good looks, amazing work, and extremely talented – and he’s the son of the former head detective. Thus, his career prospects seem incredibly bright. However, he has a secret that no one knows.

He hated being helpless because of the law, so he decided to take matters into his own hands. Hiroki is a serial killer with hundreds of deaths to his name. His murders were all people they could never catch because they were beyond the law. Even if it is risky, he does not intend to stop.

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