Some anime, like Yuri on ice, do not have manga origin. But, the majority of cartoons are not entirely original. Most of the fans love to read the manga and watch the anime, especially the fans are too excited to wait for the release of a new season.

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There are a lot of positives to reading manga and watching anime. Manga usually contains excerpts from the author that give audiences a new perspective on the characters. It’s also a great way to see the original art style. However, anime fans only don’t have to worry about missing content. There are a lot of advantages to watching just one anime.

ten Music connects fans to history

Anime has created some of the best music – from dramatic orchestral tunes to light pop tunes. Watching a fight scene or a death scene is much more impactful for fans who have the great music playing alongside. It’s harder for a manga to evoke the same emotions when anime fans have to read the content instead of experiencing it. Naturally, many fans find it difficult to get emotionally invested while reading manga, so they watch the anime instead.

9 Animation takes a manga’s story to the next level

violet evergarden major gilbert smile

The anime is well known for its fantastic animation. It’s one thing to read about a story, but it’s completely different to see it in motion. Series as Jujutsu kaisen, Violet Evergarden, and Your lie in April have jaw-dropping visuals that truly capture the spirit of the manga.

Animation has such a big impact on how a series is viewed, that even the creator of My hero university admitted to being incredibly emotional when the Sports festival Arc was lively. Great animation really helps bring a story to life, both for fans and creators.

8 Dubbing helps fans understand how the characters are feeling

Attack on Titan Erwin Smith Howling

When it comes to dialogue, there’s little a manga can do to get the character’s tone across. No matter how much punctuation is added, emotions don’t seem so real until they are heard. It’s one thing to read Bakugou’s breakdown in his fight against Midoriya in My hero university, but it’s completely different to hear the actor’s voice crack.

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Voice actors for The attack of the Titans are very good at expressing the gravity of a situation. Erwen’s speeches give fans goosebumps. Voice actors aren’t just important for serious moments – someone’s tone and line delivery can often make the funniest moments even better.

seven There is much less reading while watching an anime

Suguru vs Yuta _ Manga Jujutsu Kaisen

Manga is much less read than other books. The majority of a story is visual with bubbles to help fans understand the plot. For those who are not a fan of reading or have a hard time reading, watching cartoons allows them to experience the story. Even if someone would rather watch a subtitled anime rather than a dubbed anime, they still have the animation to help them understand the plot better.

6 Colors bring manga to life

There is nothing quite like seeing a great manga transform when animation, music, and vibrant color are added. Color imagery takes character understanding to a new level by introducing the colors of the character’s hair, eyes, and clothing. The vibrant blue of Gojo’s eyes in Jujutsu kaisen is amazing when shown in color.

It even gives better insight into how the character’s abilities work. Same My hero university or other manga with incredible illustrations, stand out even more. It’s no wonder that Horikoshi, the creator, loves what anime looks like.

5 Anime openings excite fans

Yuji Itadori Jujutsu Kaisen

Anime openings are one of the best parts of watching an anime. The opening sets the tone for the series and features songs. Although it aired in the 90s, fans are still talking about how good the opening of Cowboy Bebop is.

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A grand opening starts the excitement for the episode and also features musical artists that fans might not have listened to otherwise. The only downside to anime openings is that fans are debating which ones are the best. Especially when there are series like Naruto, A piece, and Bleach, that have dozens of large openings.

4 Fans learn the correct pronunciation

Naruto loses Sage Mode in a Pain fight

Cartoons and manga are loved by fans all over the world. It stands to reason that some fans will have difficulty pronouncing the names and places. The majority of manga and anime are Japanese, and these places / names deserve their correct pronunciation. The anime allows fans to hear the characters pronounce their own names, and they can avoid the embarrassment of calling Naruto “Na-rudo”.

3 Signs can be difficult to understand

A common complaint among Bleach fans is that the panels are difficult to interpret, since the swords and clothing are all in black. This is a common problem when it comes to reading manga – especially with action sequences.

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Talented artists are able to translate their thoughts to the page, but sometimes those thoughts don’t translate clearly. Much less interpretation is needed when it comes to watching anime, as the series is animated in color.

2 Non-Canon episodes mean more character development

Fullmetal Alchemist

Filler episodes are a big deal in the anime. Fans hate it when the bulk of a series is taken over by the filler, especially when it interrupts the flow of the story. However, a good infill can give fans a better look at the characters and help them develop further. The original Fullmetal Alchemist It strays heavily from the source material, but it’s still considered a great anime. Anime fans want to consume more media on their favorite characters, so when a good filler is introduced, fans don’t always care.

1 Manga requires more concentration

Arguably, sitting down to read a new manga series requires more concentration than watching a new anime series. It’s much easier to passively watch an anime than it is to read a manga. In fact, most fans find it impossible to passively read manga – otherwise they miss out on important information. With the anime, fans can go about their business and watch an anime at the same time.

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