America Chavez will make his first appearance in the MCU in the next Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, where it seems that she will play a big role. This powerful character is relatively new to Marvel Comics, only appearing in the last ten years. But America Chavez made quite an impression during this time, and comic book fans know she’s become a key player in the landscape of the Marvel Universe.

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America Chavez, also known as Miss America in the comics, has been a key member of the Young Avengers, a team that seems to come together in the MCU with characters like Kate Bishop and Kid Loki already on screen. America is also a powerful hero in its own right, with a unique and tragic backstory that will likely play a major role in the new movie.


No major connection to Doctor Strange


Despite the fact that America Chavez will be making her MCU debut in a strange doctor movie, comic book fans know she has no real connection to the Sorcerer Supreme. Her adventures have largely taken her away from the mighty wizard, except for tangential connections in universe-wide crossover events like those of 2015. Secret Wars.

However, America Chavez is not an unlikely actor in the upcoming film. His unique backstory and powers make him one of the most ideal characters to play a role in the multi-dimensional story, which currently remains a mystery.

star power

America-Chavez-Cover (1) (1)

Comic book fans know that America Chavez is one of the most powerful members of A-Force and, indeed, Marvel superheroes in general. She can fly and has super stamina and strength. Her greatest power is the ability to open portals to other universes.

This power, which manifests in the star-shaped portals associated with him in the comics, is likely what brings him into the story of the new movie. A star-shaped portal is briefly visible in the trailer for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madnessindicating that America could be the key to helping Strange transition from one reality to another.

The utopian parallel

People arrive in the utopian parallel of Marvel Comics.

For most of his life, America Chavez thought he was living the perfect life. She grew up in the utopian parallel, a pocket reality out of time and space as idyllic as one can imagine. The utopian parallel was inhabited only by women, and America was raised there by her mothers.

As far as America has understood, the Utopian Parallel was created and maintained by a being called the Demiurge. She also believed that her powers stemmed from this being, although she would later discover that most of what she believed about her childhood was not true.

His moms died saving the multiverse

America Chavez's mothers return in Marvel Comics.

Comic book fans know that the most tragic aspect of America Chavez’s backstory is that his mothers died to save his life and the existence of the entire multiverse. This piece of America’s history will likely play a part in the character’s arc in the upcoming movie.

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A series of super dense black holes have manifested in the utopian parallel, threatening to drag it into a collision course with the rest of the multiverse. This would have led to the destruction of existence itself. Her parents sacrificed themselves to dispel the black holes and save all of reality.

The second Miss America

Miss America Golden Age

America finally settled into the Marvel Universe after the tragedy and started going by the superhero name of Miss America. Comic book fans know that she is actually the second Miss America in the comics. The former was one of the best Golden Age heroes in comics.

Madelyn Joyce made her debut in 1943 in Marvel Mystery Comics #49 and was one of the few female superheroes at the time. Originally a Timely Comics character, she would eventually be incorporated into the main Marvel Comics continuity, like her Golden Age counterparts Captain America and the Human Torch.

Member of the Young Avengers


America Chavez first appeared in 2011 Revenge #1, but most comic book fans know her from her time as a member of the Young Avengers. America joined the team in its second volume in 2013 and became a powerful and critical member of the teenage group.

America joined a roster that included Kate Bishop, Kid Loki, and Patriot, all characters who debuted in the MCU last year. Debuting in 2022, it looks like the Young Avengers are a team the MCU is headed towards in some way.

A strength

A Force Assembles in Marvel Comics.

America Chavez has also been part of other key Marvel superhero teams. One of the biggest is A-Force, the all-female team led by She-Hulk. America lent its powers and abilities from the very first issue of the A strength comic in 2015.

With She-Hulk and other A-Force like Captain Marvel in the MCU (her roster is extensive and includes Scarlet Witch and Monica Rambeau), America Chavez could very easily find herself on that team in the near future.

The Ultimates

America Chavez leads the Ultimates in Marvel Comics.

There have been a few versions of the Ultimates team in Marvel Comics. One of the most powerful featured America Chavez as the leader. She was uniquely suited to be part of the team, which focused on cosmic threats to Earth, like Galactus, which they faced on their very first mission.

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The team was filled with talent, including Black Panther, Captain Marvel, and Monica Rambeau. An MCU version is very possible, though it’s just as likely to end up being a future version of the Avengers.

Best Friends with Kate Bishop

Kate Bishop and America Chavez hang out in Marvel Comics.

Comic book fans know that Kate Bishop is Hawkeye’s title successor. They also know that she is America Chavez’s best friend. The two became very close during their time together on the Young Avengers, where Kate was able to break through America’s sometimes hard shell.

Although Yelena Belova and Kate struck up an instant friendship in the MCU, it’s very likely that Kate and America will also be friends live when they finally meet. It could happen pretty quickly depending on what happens in the next movie.

America’s Origin Isn’t What It Thought

America Chavez' moms take advantage of her utopian parallel in Marvel Comics.

America Chavez would eventually discover that everything she believed about her youth was not true. During his most recent solo streak, America Chavez: made in the USA, she learns that her parents were not cosmic beings living in a pocket reality, but ordinary people trying to save their child and others from a rare disease.

When their research and work was later used against the children, his parents sacrificed their lives to ensure America’s escape from what was effectively a remote island on Earth. America also learned that she had a sister, Catalina, who was still alive.

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