Marvel Studios’ moon knight is heading to Disney+ and it’s been confirmed that the Midnight Man character will be making an appearance. He is played by the late Gaspard Ulliel, who sadly died tragically before the series was released. The character he portrays will mean a lot a celebration of his incredible skills in the world of film and television.

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Midnight Man is a complex individual and needs someone with great depth and range. Comic book fans will be very familiar with his relationship with Moon Knight, with their dynamic surely becoming a major story arc throughout the Marvel Cinematic Universe series.

ten Night flights

Midnight Man flies in Marvel Comics

Midnight Man was first and foremost a petty criminal. His ambitions got the better of him and his prizes continued to grow in magnitude. Never satisfied with his work, Anton Mogart never stopped pushing his luck. He had a business card to go along with his increased crime wave.

Mogart would not strike until midnight, which would have earned him his now famous title. While that might sound ridiculous considering it would mean the culprit was much easier to catch, this Moon Knight villain was both smart and unpredictable. With so many trinkets at hand, he could strike anywhere.

9 First encounter with Moon Knight

Moon Knight fights Midnight Man in Marvel Comics

A vigilante roams the streets at night to defeat those who have endangered the lives of innocent people. With Midnight Man’s frenzy becoming increasingly dangerous and costly, Moon Knight would engage with the con man for the first time.

Their fight demonstrated that Midnight Man was a great physical match for Moon Knight, but the initial encounter would end in supposed tragedy for the criminal. He was shot in the ensuing chaos and fell from a great height. It wasn’t really the last time readers would see the comic book character.


8 Sewer housing

Midnight Man kicks Moon Knight in Marvel Comics

It would later be revealed that Midnight Man would fall into the sewers. Now horribly changed, he would use his mask to hide behind. He’s spent far too long living among the rats of the sewer system and got used to its inadequacies.

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The man who entered the sewers never returned, but something much more erratic emerged. While once Midnight Man hunted for precious jewelry and expensive gold, his prizes were the disgusting items he could find in his new home. One thing has motivated him throughout his stay outside this strange collection: revenge.

7 bushman

Bushman in Marvel Comics

If Midnight Man’s comic book character has to adapt to the small screen, so does Bushman, who spent some time as an ally to the Moon Knight antagonist. He has formed an uneasy alliance with Midnight Man in order to trap their common enemy.

They formed a plan that took advantage of the familiar sewer system, confining Marc Spector to a location that would soon be flooded. However, the untrustworthy Bushman would betray Midnight Man and leave him for dead alongside the vigilante. The duo would eventually escape with Mogart adrift via a river.

6 Powerless

Midnight Man in Battle in Marvel Comics

It’s never quite clear what kind of powers Moon Knight was endowed with by the Egyptian gods. Early in his comics, it appeared that his abilities were rather limited, though this evolved as the character’s story progressed. Midnight Man was meant to be a match for the vigilante.

Anton possesses no powers, but he is incredibly adept at martial arts, pushing Marc Spector to his limits on a few occasions. He is also blessed with a tactical mind, as evidenced by his elaborate plans to obtain such heavily guarded wealth.

5 Weapons

Midnight Man holds a gun in Marvel Comics

Considering there are parallels between the two characters, Midnight Man had to use weapons that can compare and contrast with those of Moon Knight’s gear. For starters, the criminal wielded a typical firearm, returning to his little theft roots.

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As the character’s robberies became more successful, Midnight Man acquired all manner of artifacts that could be used in battle. In particular, the character started using an ancient oriental dagger, which sliced ​​Moon Knight with deadly intentions. These weapons could become a trademark of the on-screen fighter.

4 Suit

Midnight Man vs. Moon Knight in Marvel Comics

The symbolic parallels between the two men continue, as they take different paths in life. While Moon Knight’s costume is completely white for criminals to see coming, Midnight Man’s outfit was a blue and black jumpsuit to blend in with the night sky.

He too used an all-in-one cape and jumpsuit, to hide his identity, though he couldn’t slip the same way. There’s a real sense of anonymity with the costume, with very few defining features built into it. Anton Mogart wanted to be an enigma so that his work speaks for itself. The character’s chosen wardrobe in the upcoming show is still a mystery but will surely draw inspiration from the source material.

3 Death of the Midnight Man

Moon Knight throws Midnight Man over a ledge in Marvel Comics

Midnight Man had already cheated death when he first met the legendary costumed crime fighter. While his return is memorable, the character couldn’t follow the same dangerous trail for too long.

Learning that he was dying of cancer, Mogart would attempt to redeem himself in his life, even reconnecting with his son. He tried to put his boy on a better path, but succumbed to his own fate, still steeped in the notion of revenge. His last fight with Moon Knight would mark his own demise, a fate that could meet the character on Disney+.

2 Midnight

Midnight in Marvel Comics

Comic book fans may know that Moon Knight took on Midnight Man’s son as an apprentice for a while. Jeffrey Wilde would play Midnight, a tribute to his father. The two had crossed paths in combat before, but Midnight’s rehabilitation was inspired by her father.

They worked very well together, but Wilde slowly lost his way. After an encounter with the Secret Empire, Midnight would apparently be shot and killed, before the criminal organization began brainwashing the sidekick.

1 The cyborg legacy

Midnight jumps through a clock in Marvel Comics

Midnight Man’s legacy was therefore a legacy of violence. Midnight returned to the streets as a man of renewal, boasting of cyborg upgrades and picking up where his father left off. Wilde would become a permanent threat to the Moon Knight’s reign of terror.

Sensing the danger Midnight posed, the vigilante fought it through the sewers Anton Mogart once resided in, before delivering a fatal blow to his son. With the needle of a clock stabbed through his head, the disfigured Midnight would complete the cycle that Midnight Man had begun. This poetic journey could well be adapted in the MCU series.

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