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Chinese streaming service Bilibili annou...

Chinese streaming service bilibili announced on Tuesday on blogging site Sina Weibo that it will air an original animated series centered on The Communist Manifesto and Das Capital author and philosopher Karl Marx. Reports vary on the animation studio behind the work, dubbed The leader In English. South China Morning Post States The leader is […]

Ultimate Guide to Super Smash Bros. : H...

Here’s how to beat Kirby’s rival, Marx, in Super Smash Bros. story mode. Nintendo Switch Ultimate, called the World of Light. Marx returns in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and this time he’s one of the bosses players have to beat in the story mode. Marx has been a thorn in Kirby’s pink and spongy side […]

Marx in London review – Dove’s opera tur

An opera on Karl Marx? A comic opera on Karl Marx? Jonathan Dove has never been afraid to think outside the box, and his new play, premiered at the Bonn Theater, does it again. Marx in London takes place over a single day in 1871. It portrays the financial and sexual entanglements of the middle-class […]