We are well into summer now, and you know what that means: vacation time! Have you already made any plans? A trip to the beach, perhaps, or a week in a historic city? It might be nice, but wouldn’t it be even cooler if you could really take time — say, in a nation or city that doesn’t really exist, or even one that’s in another dimension? If you’re a civilian in the DC or Marvel universe, it might be possible!

Maybe you wouldn’t want to live in the many fantastic places you find in the comics, but these places offer endless possibilities for enrichment and fun. You may be familiar with many of the places mentioned here, but you’ve probably never considered them from a tourist’s perspective.

That’s what I’d like to do today: browse the attractions of each region so you can dream of the perfect and impossible vacation. Superheroes might just be the least interesting thing you’ll see in these fascinating, far-off places! Just be sure to write down the pros and cons of each place before you book your trip – I won’t be held responsible if you get eaten by a troll in a place like…


Located in an alternate dimension at the other end of the famous Bifrost Rainbow Bridge (except when in Oklahoma), Asgard is the legendary home of the Norse gods. Here, you’ll find jaw-dropping palaces, magic everywhere, and hordes of men (and occasionally a woman) wielding huge swords. If you stray beyond the confines of Asgard, you’ll find plenty of different terrain to suit everyone, from the luxury-conscious traveler to the camper who likes to rough it out in the great outdoors (and isn’t afraid of a few fire demons).

Pros: You might encounter a Norse god!

Cons: You might encounter a Norse god…


For the more adventurous vacationer, consider jumping from dimension to dimension at Skartaris. Avoid pirates at the Bay of Tears, fight hobgoblins for water at Timgad Citadel, and shop at Kiro Market. There’s no end of ways to take your steps in Skartaris!

Pros: This is basically an actual version of one of those tabletop RPGs.

Cons: The weather doesn’t work there the way it does here, so your two-week vacation could turn into a ten-year vacation. In fact, given the state of our dimension, this may turn out to be a pro.


As the most technologically advanced nation on the planet, Wakanda has a lot to offer visitors – when they’re in the mood to allow visitors, that is! If you’re lucky enough to enter, you’ll be among the privileged few to enjoy their state-of-the-art technological marvels, great weather and maybe even the sight of a few fighting rhinos. Don’t run into the Dora Milaje, the royal bodyguards, and you’re sure to have a great time.

Pros: This is Wakanda!!

Cons: Namor once flooded the whole place, so maybe bring your floaties.


This lovely place was once called Paradise Island for a very good reason. Forest and unspoilt beaches dominate the island, making it ideal for outdoor enthusiasts. It’s also great if you’ve never gotten over your childhood fascination with ancient Greece: except for a few fantastic technologies, the Amazon way of life has remained almost unchanged for centuries.

Pros: A safe, female-only space to spend a weekend.

Cons: The bottomless cave filled with existential horrors and the shark-infested ocean are a bit depressing.


Traveling in Latvia is like traveling back in time. An idyllic but ambiguously located Eastern European country, Latveria is known both for its natural beauty and for the impressive churches, castle and traditional buildings of Doomstadt, its capital. It is populated by definitely truly happy people who are ruled by a leader who will stop at nothing to ensure the security and prosperity of his country.

Pros: This is the best place on Earth to unplug, forget about modern woes and just relax…

Cons: …because Doctor Doom orders you to.

Gotham City

From Wikipedia.  An image of Batman looking at Gotham at night.  An airship flies in the background.

I know, but here I am: is there another city in comics as distinctive as Gotham? They probably have more gargoyles per capita than anywhere else on Earth. Even if you’re not into architecture, Gotham City is home to a plethora of museums, parks, and even airships. Where else are you going to be able to find an airship? Really there is something for everyone!

Pros: A good choice for those who aren’t ready for more exotic locations and want to stick with something familiar.

Cons: Don’t wear Insane Clown Posse t-shirts. Do not visit in winter. Don’t bring your cat. Don’t touch any plants. Don’t stay anywhere with number two in the address. Don’t think about it, maybe we should see what’s going on in Metropolis.

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