Japanese artist Kobayashi Mariko launches his comic book Tai No Hitobito. (Photo: Kobayashi Mariko)

Do you know that our most common expression is mai pen rai (whatever)? Inspired by her experience in Thailand, Japanese artist Kobayashi Mariko launched her new comic Tai No Hitobito.

The manga chronicles the daily experience of a Japanese tourist, which other foreigners can relate to. It references many aspects of Thai culture, especially local dishes such as fried rice, grilled chicken, and coconut cream. Its cover shows the protagonist walking past a street food stand that sells fried tofu. It also recounts an encounter with a monitor lizard in a park. After debuting on October 25, the cartoon in both print and digital formats garnered considerable interest from social media users, including the Tourism Authority of Thailand. Mariko posted on her Twitter account that only the Japanese version is available. It is on sale at Kinokuniya Emquartier and Amazon (amazon.co.jp/dp/4847068769).

Photos: Kobayashi Mariko