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Africa’s animation, visual effects and video games industry has the potential to become a growth engine for the continent. The industry is in a phase where we are witnessing the emergence of several African animation companies and animators working on engaging stories and content leveraging the continent’s great story potential.

Several animation studios in Africa broadcast their content through online channels such as YouTube, which attracts millions of subscribers from both the continent and around the world. African studios are making further inroads by launching locally produced original content on Netflix. Several local content productions have been nominated for several global awards, including the Oscars. The Annecy Festival 2020 will focus on animation from Africa.

There are a handful of world-renowned animation studios as well as several hundred small and medium-sized studios producing content tailored to local tastes. The supply of animation talent, which has always been limited, is emerging with the support and intervention of several government and industry initiatives to develop and sustain African animation through university courses and professional training courses that offer theoretical and practical practical learning on animation, visual effects and video games.

There are vast sections of the African continent where the potential of animation, visual effects and video games has yet to be realized and requires closer engagement between government, industry and academia to catalyze the industry growth. The industry needs support in the form of training, funding, tax incentives, market access, access to hardware and software, legal support to protect the intellectual property of content. access to global distribution and collaboration networks, etc.

Countries such as South Africa, Nigeria, Egypt, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Ghana, Zimbabwe and Ethiopia are emerging as leaders of Africa through productions of content as well as collaborations. This includes content for movies, television, games, augmented reality, virtual reality, advertising, web designs, and industrial applications such as architecture, engineering, industrial design, healthcare, industry. education, medicine and the automotive industry.

The demand for animation, visual effects and video games has increased with the increase in targeted cable and satellite broadcast hours, the availability of low-cost Internet access, the penetration of mobile devices as well as the growing popularity of streaming video. Additionally, the demand for animation and visual effects content to power immersive experiences such as augmented reality and virtual reality is growing exponentially.

Rapid advances in technology have made animation, visual effects and games accessible to more people, and this industry has become one of the fastest growing segments of the global media and entertainment market. We are seeing more and more animation, VFX and game production taking place in a globally distributed fashion.

Production work is going global with countries as well as regions offering tax incentives, subsidies, financial support, low regional labor costs, and more. and companies reduce their costs by setting up facilities in these regions. Cloud computing plays a key role in character rendering and modeling processes, as cloud-based rendering of anime movies is more effective and efficient as it reduces time and cost compared to traditional rendering.

Main topics covered:


  • Impact of Covid-19 on world animation, visual effects and video games

  • Impact of Covid-19 on the industry value chain

Global animation and visual effects industry

  • History and evolution

  • Industry Differentiators

  • Industry characteristics

  • Animation industry supply chain

  • Role of technology

  • Merchandising Opportunities

  • Main distribution channels for animation content

  • Risks faced by animation studios

  • Animation Industry Demand Drivers

  • Success factors

  • Animated Financial Models

  • Emerging Technology Platforms

  • Emerging Application Areas

  • Animation Studio Competitive Landscape

  • Global Animation and Visual Effects Market Size and Opportunity

  • Segmentation of the animation, visual effects and video games market

  • Global Animation Studios: Cast and Capabilities

Animation and visual effects market segments

  • Market segmentation

  • 2D Animations

  • 3D Animation / Computer Generated Imagery (CGI)

  • Visual effects (VFX)

  • web animation

  • Market Opportunity for 3D Animation/Computer Generated Imagery (CGI)

  • CGI Animation Production

  • Benefits of CGI Animation

  • Disadvantages of CGI Animation

  • CGI’s influence on 2D animation

  • Challenges for CGI Animation

  • Critical success factors for CGI productions

  • Visual effects (VFX)

  • VFX Industry Challenges and Opportunities

  • Stop motion animation

  • Motion capture

  • 3D animated movies

  • Key trends, opportunities, forecasts

Animation Streaming Video on demand

  • Market size

  • netflix

  • Disney+

  • HBO Max

  • Amazon Prime Video

  • Hulu

  • AppleTV+

  • Peacock

  • Crunchyroll

  • Quibi

Emerging Trends and the Future of Animation and Visual Effects

  • Key predictions for the future

Global TV Animation Content Demand

Animation and Visual Effects Software Market

  • Animation Software Market Segments

  • 2D Animation Software Market

  • Industry overview

  • Animation Workflow Using 2D Animation Package

  • Analysis of the main 2D animation software

  • 3D Animation Software Market

  • Industry overview

  • 3D Animation Software Market Segments

  • Free animation software

  • Product Plugins

  • 3D Animation and Visual Effects Software Market Key Players Analysis

  • Analysis of the main 3D animation and VFX software

  • Japanese anime production software

  • The importance of 2D

  • Retas – Software for anime production

  • Manga Studio – Software for manga production

  • Proprietary 3D software from animation studios

  • Collaboration between animation studios and software publishers

Creation of animation content and visual effects

  • 2D Animation Content Creation Workflow

  • Conceptualization

  • Pre-production

  • Production

  • Post production

  • Calculation of content creation time in 2D animation

  • Scanning and filtering

  • ink and paint

  • Composition and preparation of dopesheet

  • Digital processing in 2D animation

  • Workflow preceding digital processing

  • 3D Animation Content Creation Workflow

  • Conceptualization

  • Pre-production

  • Production

  • Post production

  • Parallel activities

  • Timeline of a 3D production workflow

  • Using Animation Software in the 3D Production Workflow

  • Animation production management

  • Governance

  • Division of tasks and assignment of people

  • Technology

  • Cloud Computing in Animation and Visual Effects Workflow

Audience dynamics

  • Marketing Strategies for Animation Studios

  • Marketing program

  • Online presence

  • Profiling and targeting the right audience

  • Distribution

  • Conferences, festivals and events

  • Strategies for successful animated films

  • Character Design Best Practices

  • Lessons from past mistakes

  • Profile of a 3D animation studio: Disney Pixar

  • The technological advantage of Disney Pixar

Economics of animation and visual effects

  • Distribution of revenues between distribution channels

  • Marketing to animation content exposure

  • Marketing

  • Licence

  • Merchandising

  • Distribution

  • Exposure

  • Economics of Animation Copyrights

  • Copyright Dynamics

Guidelines for Creating an Animation Studio

  • Investments needed to create an animation studio

  • Specialized hardware and software investments

  • Leveraging Cloud Computing for Competitive Advantage

Management of an animation and video game studio

  • Main areas of concern

  • Formulation of the long-term strategy

  • Animation content outsourcing

  • Offshore computer animation production

  • Business and revenue models

  • Drivers

Global video game industry

  • Major trends in the global video game industry

  • Impact of Covid-19 on the global video game industry

  • Industry Overview

  • Structure of the video game industry

  • Changing video game business models

  • Online video game business models

  • Video game industry value chain

  • Mobile games industry value chain

  • Game distribution models

  • Key Opportunities and Strategies for the Video Games Industry

  • Games industry skills and abilities

  • Guidelines for a game studio structure

  • Hyper-personalization based on artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning for video games

  • Machine learning for in-game analytics, user acquisition and retention

  • Segments of the video game market

  • Mobile video game segments and genres

  • Global Video Games Market Size and Opportunity

  • Cross games and movies

  • Cloud Gaming Market and Opportunities

  • Market Size, User Base, Benefits and Challenges

  • Top Cloud Gaming Service Providers

  • Cloud Gaming Market Opportunities and Forecasts

Global esports market

  • Key trends in the global esports industry

  • Structure of the esports industry

  • Most Popular eSports Tournaments

  • eSports Business Models

  • Esports Industry Value Chain

  • Key Opportunities and Strategies for the Esports Industry

  • Key Esports Industry Predictions

  • Global Esports Market Size and Opportunity

Africa Animation, VFX & Video Games

  • South Africa Animation VFX & Video Games

  • South Africa Animation & VFX

  • Impact of Covid-19 on South African animation, visual effects and video games

  • Key trends in the South African animation industry

  • industry drivers

  • Challenges

  • Industry Opportunities

  • Animation Studios in South Africa

  • Strategies for Animation Studios in South Africa

  • Data on Animation Studios in South Africa

  • Video games market in South Africa

  • Benefits of Outsourcing Game Development to South Africa

  • Major trends in the video game industry in South Africa

  • South Africa Video Games Market Size and Opportunities

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