Monday, October 25, MVM will release Aria the Animation on Blu-ray. MVM describes the series:

Akari Mizunashi, at the age of 15, left everything to travel to a sparkling water-covered planet, Aqua, formerly known as Mars. In the 24th century, humans found a way to colonize the once uninhabitable planet. More than anything, Akari wants to be a “Undine” – a female gondolier who navigates the canals of the water town of Neo-Venezia. The town itself is a faithful replica of the town of Manhome (Land) of Venice. To ensure that residents and tourists alike make the most of the many wonders of Neo-Veneto, companies offering guided gondola tours have been formed, one of which bears the name Aria Society. As she begins her training with the prestigious Aria Company, will it be up to the challenges that await it on the way to the realization of its dream? ”

Hal filmmaker animated the 2005 TV series, which went on to inspire two more TV series – Aria the Natural in 2006 and Aria the Origin in 2008 – as well as original video animations (OVA) – Aria the OVA ~ Arietta ~ in 2007 and Aria l’Avvenire in 2015. Junichi Sato (sailor moon, Princess tutu) directed all installments in the anime franchise.

Funimation the feature film will be released Goblin Slayer: Goblin Crown on Blu-ray. Funimation describes the story:

“At the behest of Sword Maiden, Goblin Slayer and his group travel to the mountains in search of a nobleman’s daughter. After saving the daughter from certain death, the adventurers hatch a plan to infiltrate the Dwarf Fortress. and destroy the goblin horde from within. However, when the Goblin Paladin arrives, a brutal battle begins. ”

Funimation will also publish Black clover Season 4 on Blu-ray / DVD, containing episodes 130 to 141 of the series.

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