It’s hard to argue that the comics were ever close to the position they find themselves in today. Studios are hungry for new IPs with existing fanbases, and comics have them in spades. So rather than inventing new stories and characters, all of the major streaming services have come out and acquired a ton of comics and manga that they can turn into something else.

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And if more often than not these comics are turned into movies or TV series, sometimes they manage to find their way into the world of cartoons. But there are more cartoons than ever before, so which of the cartoons currently airing is the best?

8 MODOK is a great series for fans of stop-motion animation

MODOK - 10 familiar voices behind the characters and where you know them from

MODOK the show is something no one asked for, so of course it had to be better than everyone expected. This version of MODOK was the leader of AIM before they fired him because they went bankrupt. Without a job, MODOK must reassess his life while looking after his family, which includes his wife Jodie and two children.

the MODOK the animation style is stop-motion, making the series look like a robot chicken episode. Hulu also went the frenzy with this series, which meant the entire series was available from day one, and despite people opposing it at first, that opinion quickly changed.

seven Hit-Monkey features a monkey facing off against some of Marvel’s most dangerous fighters

Hit-Monkey tries to get revenge with Bryce

Tired of the traditional superhero fare? Want something completely different, but still connected to the Marvel Universe? Fancy a series with violence and free swear words? If the answer to all these questions is yes, then Hit-Monkey is obvious. The series follows an ape who learned the art of murder from the ghost of an assassin named Bryce Fowler.

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Hit-Monkey chooses to pursue other killers in Japan, bringing him into conflict with a number of well-known Japanese characters like Lady Bullseye, Silver Samurai, and Fat Cobra. The series has ten episodes and recently ended its first season on Hulu, airing all episodes at once.

6 Teen Titans Go! Lasts even longer than the original series

Beast Boy, Starfire, Robin, Cyborg and Robin in Teen Titans Go!

Teen Titans Go! was initially poorly received, as it looked so radically different from the 2003 series that went on to become a smash hit. But over time people started to realize the good points of the show. It’s easily one of Cartoon Network’s funniest shows and has been a mainstay of the channel for almost a decade.

It has managed to carve its own niche like the first cartoon, and the world of superheroes is only better.

5 What if…? Shows a lot of possible futures for the MCU

Ultron arrives on a new planet

the What if…? The concept existed in comics dating back to the ’70s, offering a glimpse of parts of the Marvel Universe that would be different if a major event changed. So it’s only natural for Marvel to present an animated version for the MCU, allowing them to show iconic moments of the MCU but in a different light.

The series gave fans a chance to see the potential of the multiverse, with new heroes facing whole new challenges. The series resulted in an incredible finale, but it is confirmed that a season 2 is in the works.

4 Super Crooks is an animated adaptation of the famous comic book series by Mark Millar and Leinil Francis Yu

Super Crooks, coming to Netflix in November

Super crooks is technically an anime, from the creative cast of BONE, the studio responsible for animating it. However, the series was originally based on a comic book by Mark Millar and Leinil Francis Yu.

The idea for the story behind this clearly comes from a western comic book, so it belongs here as much as anything else. The story centers on a con artist named Johnny Bolt, who wants to recruit a team to help him make a heist. Netflix has already released the first season of this series, starting November 25e.

3 Harley Quinn is one of the funniest cartoons on TV

Harley Quinn in her own animated series

There isn’t a funnier cartoon intended for adults on the market right now. Harley quinn stars the former villain as she tries to make a name for herself away from her ex-boyfriend, the Joker. She initially tries to join the Legion of Doom, but over time she brings together a group of friends that she appreciates more than being a member of the Legion.

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The series manages to take a cynical take on Batman and Commissioner Gordon, but other than that it’s one of the smoothest shows on TV. Harley’s developing relationship of friends-to-lovers with Poison Ivy, combined with her gradual rehabilitation, makes both seasons captivating on television.

2 Invincible shows teenager adjusting to life as a hero

Amazon Prime Video got another hit when they finally managed to shoot the Robert Kirkman Image series Invincible in a television series. Kirkman is as much involved in the cartoon as he is in the comics, which gives the series an added authenticity that you won’t find in most TV series. The story follows Mark Grayson, a teenager who only recently acquired superpowers, as he is trained and raised to be a hero by his father, Omni-Man.

Invincible’The opening season was viewed by fans and critics alike as a smash hit, and as a result, Amazon has not withheld the go-ahead for two more seasons for the series, meaning there is many of arcs that the series can adapt.

1 Young Justice has one of the most developed superhero universes of all time

Superboy, Beast Boy and Miss Martian observe other worlds.

DC Universe originally used Young judges come back as a selling point, as fans have spent years begging for the show to make a comeback. And DC hasn’t let fans down, with showrunners Greg Weisman and Brandon Vietti returning to do a third season, Young justice: foreigners. And after that series was a smash hit, they moved on to another season in Young Justice: Ghosts.

Young justice stands out as a series that never focuses too long on one main cast, but expands outward to develop the entire DC Universe for fans. Weisman effortlessly weaves the characters of DC Comics together, making sense of their appearances without being off-putting.

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