black horse comics announced a few new series that will be added to their upcoming slate. A new four-issue miniseries for the Hellboy universe titled castle full of blackbirds coming out soon alongside a new star wars titled cartoon Star Wars™: Hyperspace Storieswhich will feature stories from every era of the star wars chronology. It’s been a great year for Dark Horse Comics, which continues to deliver great stories with incredible artwork.

black horse comics has been around since the 80s and has published thousands of comics, and new additions keep adding to the list. Many of the comics they published are held in high regard in the comics community and have a loyal fanbase. Some have even been made into movies. And due to their excellent selection, Ranker has listed the best comic book titles that Black Horse has published.

Note: Ranking Lists are live and continue to accumulate votes. Some rankings may have changed after this posting.


ten Hellboy

Many know him as the big red half-demon that Nazi cultists summoned or the half-demon that Ron Perlman portrayed at the start of the film franchise. No matter how readers/viewers discovered it, it’s clear that Hellboy is a well-known comic book character who continues to entertain his viewers.

This is one of many comics adapted into film(s). Hellboy and the story’s many intriguing villains captivated audiences with character design and story. The comic has plenty of dark scenes with enough humor to give it a place among the dark horses best published comics, and with the following that Hellboy has, it’s no surprise that it’s one of the top ten listed.

9 city ​​of sin

Among the comic strips adapted into film(s), city ​​of sin is a great example of an intense storyline featuring several well-made main characters. And as one of the best Neo-Noir movies and dark comic series, Frank Miller’s city ​​of sin developed a huge following.

Sin City’s the unique art style uses the black black and white theme, and in some cases only specific bright colors are displayed. These colors include, but are not limited to, Ethan Roark’s red lipstick or yellow skin. The main characters each have a story to tell and a certain attachment to each other, big or small. These are just a few reasons why this comic is a favorite for Frank Miller fans and supporters alike. black horse comics.

8 black hammer

When it comes to superheroes in comics, most of the time they usually take on a secret identity and take on a daily life and fight crime when they need to. But in comics black hammerthe heroes have no choice.

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As a tribute to the superhero comic books that author Jeff Lemire grew up reading, Lemire tells a story about former superheroes having to play together while trying to escape the purgatory they’re stuck in.

After being banished from existence after a Multiversal Crisis, these heroes are forced to live a simplistic lifestyle. With the intriguing events and storyline, black hammer became a popular comic and a great homage to the superhero comics that Lemire enjoys.

seven The Umbrella Academy

Adapted into a hit Netflix series, the comic The Umbrella Academy got a lot of attention and new fans. This series is entering its third season which will air on June 22. But a lot of stuff from The Umbrella Academy comics has yet to be shown. This is where comics come in handy.

For those who can’t wait for the start of the third season, this comic published by Dark Horse provides readers with plenty of artwork, stories, and character designs. Dysfunctional family dynamics and bizarre powers add an extra layer of entertainment and are a great example of why it was made into a Netflix series, with sites such as Varietystating that in 2020 the series was one of the most watched Netflix series.

6 BPRD: Plague of Frogs

In the field of Hellboy world, there is an enemy that Abe Sapien, Liz Sherman and other task force agents must face without The Hell Guys assistance. This enemy is the frog monsters.

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The frog monsters all started due to a massive fungus that was growing at an abnormal rate. Mushrooms aren’t exactly pleasant, to begin with, but it’s extremely unpleasant when a person becomes a frog monster because of it. Although it is not a long series and it is only a small section, the BPRD: Plague of Frogs is a great read for Hellboy fans and those looking for something new.

5 County of Harrow

Written by Cullen Bunn, associated with illustrations by Tyler Crook, County of Harrow is a story set in the year 1930 in the South. With its dark setting and Crook’s art style, it’s a perfect combination of an old-school horror story.

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Using folklore, mythology and the mention or use of witchcraft, County of Harrow pulls the story together with excellent dialogue and artwork showing the horrors main character Emmy will see and endure while living in the peaceful rural southern community she grew up in. Some of the things she encounters include, but are not limited to the grotesque appearance of eldritch demons and a world featuring skinless boys. And, of course, the creepy, sleazy townspeople who always seem to be there in these settings.

4 american gods

Initially beginning as a novel, american gods went from a novel to a comic book series to a TV show. And the comic not only does the story justice, but also has some wonderful artwork to go along with it.

After losing his wife and best friend, with whom his wife was having an affair, ex-con Shadow is devastated and later takes the job of bodyguard to scam Mr. Wednesday. And during their travels across America, Shadow is introduced to Mr. Wednesday’s acquaintances. The story of their travels and those they meet is not only captivating but well-written, earning it its well-deserved popularity.

3 300

Apart city ​​of sin make it to the movies, Frank Miller also found success in the movie industry with his comic strip 300. Fans loved the movie with its slow-motion action sequences and over-the-top acting that led to parody and plenty of great memes.

It’s no secret that neither the movie nor the comic book is an accurate representation of the time period. And while story buffs might not like it, fans who read the comics and enjoyed the art flocked to see the film adaptation. The movie follows the same premise as the comic, including the comic’s depiction of Xerxes, and it’s just as action-packed and well-done as the movie and is another popular story that readers should check out.

2 Usagi Yojimbo

A comic that has garnered a lot of attention might surprise some readers. Usagi Yojimbo this black horse comics published has found an audience that has grown steadily since it was first published in 1987.

Originally Usagi Yojimbo was meant to be a human story. However, when drawing a bun, comic artist Stan Sakai drew bunny ears, which makes the entire characters anthropomorphic creatures. This well-done anthropomorphic fantasy comic where the samurai rabbit faces off against his enemies continues to attract readers and continues to be one of the most popular comics published by Black Horse.

1 Aliens: dead orbit

The Extraterrestrial The franchise is well known to sci-fi/horror fans with a massive fan base. And with its popularity, novels and comic books have been created around the story created by the franchise. One of these comics is called Aliens: dead orbit.

Aliens: dead orbit was a short comic series created by James Stokoe and is set on Sphacteria, a fuel depot/station in Weyland-Yutani, in 2295 CE. After an accident, an engineer officer is forced to survive against the xenomorphs with just a few items. The comic was praised by comic book critics and became a welcome part of the Alien Franchise by fans.

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