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TOKYO, JAPAN, Nov 2, 2021 / – Celsys officially opens the 2022 International Comic / Manga Schools Competition for students around the world, accepting travel-themed illustrations and comics. School registrations begin on November 1, student registrations must be accepted from December 1. This global competition limits eligibility to students, thus offering enthusiastic young artists in countries where the privilege of studying comic book creation or having their works published is not as plentiful. learn new techniques and be in contact with influential media organizations.

Many Japanese and international companies in the comic book industry supported the competition. Ten companies including SHUEISHA, KADOKAWA, Kodansha, BookLive, LINE Manga, Wacom, pixiv, Ki-oon, Dupuis and L SEVEN have signed as Gold Sponsors with six other Silver Sponsors and operational support from NGOs such as The Japan Cartoonists Association. , Manga Japon and the Digital Manga Association.

The winners will have the chance to have their applications published in the sponsor’s media. In addition to the Manga and Comic categories, there are plenty of chances to win in the five comic-related categories in total, including the Comic Book, Webtoon, and Storyboard categories, where students draw a comic book based on a manuscript. assigned.

International Comic / Manga School Competition 2022

Created in 2018 as a competition for European artists, the International Comic / Manga School Competition is now in its fifth year. Last year, the competition garnered more than 1,500 compelling entries from 1,245 participating schools in 85 countries and regions. The competition accepts entries regardless of language, so it expects a wide variety of entries from many countries and regions. The competition, aimed at current students, is a rare opportunity for future professional comic artists to make contact early in their careers with media organizations around the world.

The jury for this year’s competition will be led by DC Comics artist Javier Fernández and will include other creators and professional sponsors. The competition is defined by providing the winning entries with detailed and specific criticism from the jury, which not only gives the winners, but also other students, a springboard to improve their skills. Previous winners have made comments such as “It is such an honor to have received so many compliments, comments and helpful advice from so many remarkable people” and “The judges’ advice has been very helpful and gave real meaning to my participation in the contest. “

The winning works will be translated into English, French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Traditional Chinese and Korean for the enjoyment of readers around the world.

Through these events, Celsys, together with personalities in comic book culture in Japan and around the world, continues to support young creators aspiring to become professional artists.

International Comic / Manga School Competition 2022
Submission categories
Entries will be accepted for the following six categories.
Original categories Comic / Manga / Cartoon
An original comic (color), manga (black and white / color) or comic (color) for all ages (8-16 pages, cover included).

Webtoon Category (Color)
An original webtoon for all ages (size 800 x 40,000-144,000 pixels or a height ratio of 50 to 180 for an image of 800 pixels or less when the width is set to 1).

Storyboard Category
A manga, a comic strip or a webtoon of 4 to 16 pages drawn according to the supplied manuscript.

Illustration Category
An original color illustration for all ages – no size requirements.

Travel (All Categories)

School registration: November 1, 2021 (Monday) – March 15, 2022 (Tuesday) 09:00 GMT
Submission period: December 1, 2021 (Wed) – April 8, 2022 (Fri) 09:00 GMT
Results announced: Beginning of July 2022

How to register
A teacher or school staff member must register on behalf of the school or program in order for students to be eligible. Students will need to enter this school ID when submitting their artwork.
Please refer here for more information.

Awards and prizes
Categories Comic / Manga / Cartoon / Webtoon
Global Grand Prize (1 winner)
$ 3,300 cash prize
The new Wacom Cintiq Pro (DTH167) with redefined precision in a compact design
Multiplatform Paint Tool, Clip Studio Paint EX (Single Device, 3 Years)

Category prize (1 winner per category)
$ 1,700 in cash prizes
Wacom One Creative Pen Display (DTC133W0D)
Clip Studio Paint EX (single device, 3 years)

Finalist (3 to 5 winners)
Clip Studio Paint EX (single device, 3 years)

Storyboard Category
Grand prize (1 winner)
$ 2,200 cash prize
Wacom One Creative Pen Display (DTC133W0D)
Clip Studio Paint EX (single device, 3 years)

Finalist (3 to 5 winners)
Clip Studio Paint EX (single device, 3 years)

Illustration Category
Grand prize (1 winner)
US $ 550 cash prize
Wacom One Creative Pen Display (DTC133W0D)
Clip Studio Paint PRO (single device, 3 years)

Finalist (3 to 5 winners)
Clip Studio Paint PRO (single device, 3 years)

In addition to internationally renowned professional designers, a judge from SHUEISHA, KADOKAWA, Kodansha, LINE Manga, Wacom, Ki-oon and L SEVEN will participate in the jury.



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