The creator of Man with chainsaw, Tatsuki Fujimoto, is a manga artist who has woven an introspective story around buckets of blood and blood, with evil beings fighting against each other during the first chapter of the Shonen series. With the story of Denji and the other demon hunters reaching the end of its first story, Fujimoto has vowed to return to the grotesque world in the future, but is also spreading its wings in the art department with a brand new anthology that will take place. a look again outside of the world of Chainsaw Man.

The story of the upcoming manga, “22-26“, it won’t be the first time that Fujimoto has created a special one-shot, with his previous work in Look back explore the early years of an artist as he struggled with the idea of ​​being a mangaka and the challenges that come with it. Although the story was well received by critics, it sparked controversy with one of the scenes involving a murderer entering an art school with an ax that had to be changed as a result of a backlash. Look back was a thoughtful and introspective look at the world of an artist and it will be interesting to see what story Fujimoto has to tell in this upcoming manga.

Twitter user Manga Mogura RE has announced that Tatsuki Fujimoto will return to the middle of the manga with this new anthology story, with the cover of 22-26 giving us the impression that this story perhaps leans more towards the supernatural than the mangaka’s previous work:

In the world of Man with chainsaw, no news has been released regarding the second chapter of the manga, although given the ending of the first volume, many fans are wondering what’s going on with Denji these days. Thankfully, the Bloody Story is set to take the world by storm via an animated adaptation of Studio MAPPA, though the studio has yet to reveal when fans can expect the TV series to come. come.

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