Chainsaw Man episode 6 was released today, showing MAPPA’s familiarity with the series and his intuition regarding its adaptation. While creditable to Tatsuki Fujimoto’s involvement in the anime adaptation process, it’s still commendable how well MAPPA can bring the series to life.

A mainstay of MAPPA’s success in this regard is the outstanding voice acting throughout the season. While this is an oft-repeated point, it bears repeating, highlighting the formidable skills of the show’s main voice actors.

Chainsaw Man Episode 6 continues MAPPA’s trend of elevating manga from a series


To restore Himeno, Aki and the situation of their juniors, Chainsaw Man episode 6 creates an unnerving and hair-raising tone. The overall mystery of the Endless 8th Floor and its humanizing effects on those who experience it make for an unhesitating episode that will captivate viewers.

Several moments humanize these characters, such as Kobeni’s various noises and breakdowns, Arai’s initial enthusiasm fading, and Aki’s desire to find a way out. Despite the incredibly incomprehensible situation they find themselves in, fans still relate to each of these characters. This doesn’t even mention Denji’s sleepy behavior, arguably one of the most popular reactions.

It’s such a cavalcade of personalities and characters that fans almost forget the situation they find themselves in. the endless 8th floor.

I’ve been waiting to see how MAPPA would adapt this for so long, this is one of my favorite Chainsawman sequences in the manga and it was perfect as DUDE IT WAS SO GOOD

However, really Chainsaw Man episode 6 puts an abrupt end to this by reintroducing the now gigantic Eternity Devil, from the previously slain Devil Power. The show’s sound direction and staff particularly shine here, giving the Eternity Devil’s voice the perfect filters and tweaks to give it the effect of an infinite number of screaming voices.

It’s that voice of the Eternity Devil that reminds them that the only way to escape is to feed him a dead or alive Denji, prompting Kobeni and Arai to react in surprising ways. Their willingness to sacrifice another to save themselves may prove relevant to several fans. Again, the voice acting team does a phenomenal job here and is clearly the highlight.

Although the voice acting and general sound direction really steal the show in Chainsaw Man episode 6, it’s not meant to offend the animation team. Their best work comes shortly after this Eternity Devil reveal, showing the hotel tilting and the Devil making his final lunge for Denji. As always, MAPPA’s animation team masterfully blends 3D backgrounds with 2D characters, once again proving their place at the forefront of CGI animation.

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Although the episode is jam-packed, it goes by incredibly fast and will leave viewers wondering if the episode is really over. The final sequence is a masterclass, especially with MAPPA’s expert rhythm. Without a doubt, ChannelMAPPA’s Episode 6 is the biggest pacing win for the crown jewel of a MAPPA series.

Make sure MAPPA is aware of everything Chainsaw Man anime and manga news, as well as general anime, manga, movie, and live-action news as 2022 progresses.

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