Looking at that credit card, we found ourselves creating our own version of Gwen Guthrie’s 1986 hit “Ain’t Nothing Goin ‘On But The Rent”. In crochet she sings “you gotta have a job if you wanna be with me”. For this review, we would say “you have to have better deals if you want to be in our portfolio”.

It’s shocking to see Chase, a bank that is famous for the bells and whistles of credit cards as seen in the Sapphire Series, create a card with limited offers. An annual percentage rate of zero for t may be a tempting offer, but once it’s all gone, Chase Slate is a no-frills credit card. If we have learned anything from ‘How many credit cards should you haveis that every credit card must have a purpose that benefits you beyond the sign-up bonus offer.

Chase credit cards are popular for their travel rewards and can come with a high premium. Some may assume that the bank is targeting consumers above a certain income level. It’s not wrong, but it’s not quite true either.

The Chase Slate Credit Card is one of Chase’s more affordable credit card options. It has no annual fees, gives cardholders free access to their credit score as well as a summary of their Experian credit report, and it features an introductory APR. That’s it. Simple, useful and inexpensive.