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Ahead of entering DC’s Convergence event, there are still some books we can’t wait to get our hands on. One of them is the latest issue of Secret origins and we happen to have an exclusive look at the story of Christy Marx‘s Black Canary!

The secret story of the New 52 ends in style! Don’t miss the origins of Black Canary, Christy Marx and Dave Bullock; Red Lantern Guy Gardner, by Landry Q. Walker and Scott Hepburn; and John Constantine, by Ray Fawkes and Richard Isanove!


Written by: Landry Walker, Christy Marx, Ray Fawkes
Illustrated by: Dave Bullock, Scott Hepburn, Richard Isanove
Cover by: Bryan Hitch

This is a good precursor to the next black canary comic by Brenden Fletcher, Annie Wu and Irene Koh too! Secret origins #11 is in stores March 25!

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