Deadline reports that Ruth Marx, who was a classic jingle singer who sang for old TV commercials and was the mother of pop singer Richard Marx, died on August 24 after succumbing to lung cancer. His death was confirmed by a Facebook post where Richard said:

Rest now, sweet beautiful mother. What we had between us was the most unique and extraordinary bond I have ever known. I can’t begin to thank you enough for everything you have done for me, everything you were for me and always will be. My heart is in a million pieces and I will love you with every remaining breath of my life.

She was 85 when she died.

The youth of Ruth Marx

Ruth Marx was born in East Liverpool, Ohio. She was one of the seven children; her father worked in a steel mill while her mother worked as a potter. Marx knew her only way out of East Liverpool was to use her voice, so she performed regularly in her high school plays. She wanted to improve in signing and knew this Chicago-working vocal coach Dick Marx so she moved to Chicago and lived at the local YMCA as she worked odd jobs here and there while working with Dick on his song. They will eventually get married in 1961.

Professional life

After his marriage, Dick started a trading company focused primarily on TV jingles. His company was behind Doublemint’s classic jingle; Double your pleasure, double your pleasure. He also made jingles for Kellogg’s Raisin Bran, Virginia Slims, and for the NHL team, Chicago Blackhawks. As for Ruth, she was the voice behind the classic jingle of Sea chicken; Ask any mermaid you see, which is the best tuna? Chicken of the sea!

Her son, Richard Marx, was not a classic jingle singer, but rather a successful pop singer who was successful in the 90s. He even took her on tour and was part of the backing vocals for his 1991 album. ; Streets of pain. Richard also mentioned that he sang to his mother in his last days, a song of his own called Thanks to you which includes the lines “I am who I am, mom, thanks to you”.

We regret to learn of the passing of jingle singer Ruth Marx and extend our condolences to her family.