CloverWorks’ latest animated series appears to be in trouble, as the show’s animation director calls the production a “shipwreck.”

Japanese entertainment companies and their employees are notoriously low-key when it comes to discussing issues behind the scenes, but it seems CloverWorks’ Kiminori Ito has had enough.

As reported by Anime news network, Ito took to Twitter to speak publicly about the show’s production issues. Ito worked in the anime industry for a number of years and previously served as a host on shows such as Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn, Fairy tale, Horimiya and Sword art online. They’re now working on CloverWorks’ latest original anime, The Colorful Tokyo Ward 24, although they don’t seem to enjoy the mission. Over the past few months, Ito has tweeted numerous statements complaining about the show’s production issues. On October 24, they said, “CloverWorks has three shows scheduled for January. The fact that Tokyo Ward 24 was announced last, it’s because his schedule is the latest, I guess. In November, Ito became more pessimistic about the show, clearly stating, “I’m on a sinking ship!” We’re about to sink! Hahaha! ”The animation director later added,“ I have been involved in a lot of work with poor quality drawings, but it looks like I am about to experience an animation failure this time… I’m only half kidding. “

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Ito also specifically called the animation studio CloverWorks, which produces the series. “The program is crap, which reminds me of the dark history of CloverWorks,” they wrote. CloverWorks was established in 2018 and has built a reputation for producing shows with excellent animation and artistic direction, such as Rascal does not dream of Bunny Girl Senpai and Horimiya, which have received much critical acclaim. However, several other shows from the studio, such as Priority to Wonderful Eggs and the second season of The promised imaginary land were criticized by fans and critics for sharp drops in quality and unsatisfactory endings, which rumors have attributed to production issues and rushed schedules within the studio. On December 21, Ito announced that additional animators had been added to the production to complete the series’ first episode, which is scheduled to air in Japan on January 5. They tweeted again the same day, with a photo of them lying on the office floor next to a statement that read, “I’m camping here tonight”, implying that the director was working all night on the series. .

In addition to Tokyo Ward 24CloverWorks set to launch two new series next season, coming-of-age story Akebi’s Sailor Uniform and romantic comedy cosplay my darling in disguise. The company also collaborates with Vinland Saga‘s Wit Studio to produce next animated adaptation of acclaimed Tatsuya’s Endo film Spy x Family manga.

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Source: Twitter Going through Anime news network

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