Lakpahana is a traditional Sri Lankan gift and souvenir shop located at Colombo 07, opposite Colombo Racecourse in the heart of Colombo. It was started in 1973 by Deshamanya Mrs. Siva Obeyesekere, founder of Laksala.

“For over 48 years, Lakpahana has provided shelter, patronage and a subsistence market for crafts. Sri Lanka is well known for its fine craftsmanship that dates back to the days when majestic kings and queens demanded conspicuously carved work in their grand palaces and gardens. This form of luxury was enjoyed not only by royalty, even commoners found intricately designed artifacts beautiful,” a Lakpahana press release said.

“Today, Lakpahana holds many of these beautifully handcrafted handicrafts by fourth-generation artisans from across the island. Lakpahana is one of the largest and most exclusive stores of its kind in Sri Lanka. It brings together the best quality of all Sri Lankan arts and crafts under one roof.

“Here you will find beautiful craftsmanship with over 2500 years of tradition, as well as modern Sri Lankan craftsmanship and designs. It represents a special bond of commercialism combined with a traditionalism offering a service to the producer (artisan) and the consumer,” he added.

Lakpahana is a store filled to the brim with unique handcrafted products such as:


This very traditional art is characterized by its elegance and simplicity. There are two types of jewelry, namely Kandyan and Low Country jewelry. Both are available in Lakpahana.


These represent an extraordinary cultural phenomenon of vivid expression and virtual significance that dates back centuries. There are over 150 different virtual and folk theaters of human, divine, mythological, demonic and animal characters depicted in these masks. Lakpahana has the largest collection of masks in one place.

Bulrush and reed items

Weaving baskets and mats from popular native leaves makes this craft both decorative and functional.


This craft involves a careful process of fusing colors with pigments obtained from resins. In the process of lacquering, brushes are not used, nor items coated with lacquer.

wood carvings

Wood is a popular medium for crafts and the process displays a unique style where all of the crafts are made of wood. There are old and modern models available at Lakpahana.

In addition, there is also a wide range of metal crafts including brass, copper, pewter and silver. Some are set with semi-precious stones, such as trinket boxes and trays.

Other handicrafts include clay crafts, coconut shell ware, coconut shell ware, coir and coir fiber products, educational toys, cloth dolls, puppets, paper pulp items, traditional dumbara rata (design), shell items, paintings on wood panels, paintings handwoven linen with beeralu lace delicate and crochet lace products made from eco-friendly materials, hand-woven textiles, batik wall hangings and elegant dresses, leather and antique reproductions are available. All items displayed in perfect quality and selling at quite reasonable prices.

Looking for the most delicious, freshly baked traditional treats? Head to Lakpahana and indulge yourself. Choose from a variety of items such as stuffed veralu, caramel jaggery, kalu dodol, and unduwel. Items are fresh every day. Everyday favorites such as murukku, marshmallows, aasmi, kokis, kavum and mung kavum are available in addition to carefully wrapped packets of love cake, bibikkan and jaggery cake.

“These are just perfect for the holiday season or even as a gift. Cake orders can also be placed. Tala bola, coconut and milk caramels fill the shelves in addition to other delicious treats. Other items available at Lakpahana include bee honey jars (50ml/100ml), lime pickles, seeni sambol, pickles and chutneys,” the statement read.

Lakpahana is open from 9:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Monday to Saturday and from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Sunday.