Daredevil has the advantage of being arguably one of the best-written superheroes in Marvel’s vast library of comic book series, and possibly even across the genre. The Netflix show provided a good spike in mainstream popularity for the character, especially since his last live release was in the poorly received 2003 film.

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With more eyes now drawn to his comics, fans now see some of the most memorable moments from them that helped inspire critical praise. daredevil TV show. Many panels over the decades of its various series are masterfully executed scenes that underline the cathartic atmosphere therein.

8 Who is going to talk about Matt Murdock? (Born again)

Daredevil having beaten a room full of hired thugs

Legendary writer Frank Miller began his rise to comic book stardom during daredevil comic book problems in the 1970s – as an artist – and one of his crescendos with this character came in the Born again story arc set in the ’80s. It tells a dark and intimate tale for Matt Murdock, dealing with his worst enemy in Wilson Fisk / Kingpin taking over his identity.

Fisk continues to systematically destroy Matt’s life as a civilian and as Daredevil. The panel with the Hell’s Kitchen devil having brought down a room full of thugs, desperately trying to find out why his life has dramatically fallen apart, brilliantly highlights the downward spiral and palpable rage of an increasingly dangerous man .

7 God only knows what it looks like (The fearless man)

Daredevil in his iconic red costume in The Man Without Fear

In addition to Batman: Year One–commonly considered his definitive origin story – Miller also wrote what is generally accepted as the definitive origin of Daredevil with artist John Romita Jr. in The fearless man. It strongly influenced Netflix daredevil season 1, right down to the makeshift black suit he wore before his iconic main.

This arc tells the tragic origins of Matt’s troubled childhood in the impoverished Irish neighborhood of Hell’s Kitchen and the fight against organized crime that plagues the city – and that killed his father. The last page and panel of the comic features Daredevil now in his classic red costume, with the older yellow following him as part of the transition. It’s a beautiful, upbeat ending to this crime thriller story, teasing the legacy the character will leave.


6 … But I’m the devil (Know the fear)

Split image of Daredevil escaping from Punisher and Know Fear cover art

While the untimely cancellation of the Netflix series bitterly met fans, some sort of consolation prize came in the form of Chip Zdarsky’s current run on daredevil, as of February 2019. Even though the character enjoyed the aforementioned consistency in the comics with quality writing, this run was the most acclaimed in years. From Know the fear, the arc begins with the return of the superhero to the mantle. His body did not physically acclimatize due to climatic events from previous races and accidentally kills a thief as a result.

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After growing guilt and a heated argument with the police, the Punisher saves him at the last second. Frank Castle / Punisher thinks he has finally found the moment to convince Daredevil to come by his side, but the latter refuses to believe that he is sinking further into violence. After desperately trying to reason with Castle, he goes on a rampage and orchestrates his escape using Punisher’s own weapons, slashing his violent ego up a notch by declaring that if the devil of Hell’s Kitchen stooped down to his level, he would be out of it. his league. .

5 Daredevil Reborn (Born Again)

Daredevil coming out of Hell to fight Nuke

Although the Kingpin started out as Spider-Man’s supervillain, he was eventually shared with and better known as Daredevil’s most infamous thug. Vincent D’Onofrio’s iteration of the TV series character helped boost the reputation of this dynamic, but Born again is a classic tale highlighting the bitter, vitriolic rivalry of Daredevil and Kingpin.

Once the Fearless Man psychologically rebuilds himself from Kingpin’s massive violent smear campaign against him, he dresses up again as Daredevil to stop Nuke – contracted by Fisk – in an immensely cathartic scene. . The panel again shows artist David Mazzucchelli portraying a panel that is both inspiring and haunting, signaling that this is now a truly born again Daredevil. It also serves as a big parallel, with Kingpin himself becoming more and more obsessed with Murdock’s murder after seeing him, time and time again, rise above all his punches.

4 New York’s New Pivot (Hardcore)

Daredevil having brutally beaten Fisk and declaring himself the new Kingpin

Brian Bendis and Alex Maleev’s race on daredevil was one of the character’s most beloved tenures in the 2000s, and was even considered the best series since Miller’s time. Bendis wrote a gripping crime drama that was well accented with Maleev’s stylized and realistic artistry. By the time he arrives at Hardcore story arc, Matt is already grappling with an unveiled identity, murder charges and more, leading him to reach his boiling point.

Daredevil has had enough of all the nightmares Fisk has caused him and his loved ones, so he goes straight to him and unleashes one of the most vicious physical blows the Kingpin has ever taken. The biggest example of Daredevil finally slamming, he displays Fisk’s mutilated unconscious body in front of his underlings, delivering a screaming and menacing speech declaring himself New York’s new hub.

3 Back in red (Truth / Dare)

Daredevil back in his red suit in issue 21 of the current race

In the comics and in the series, Matt Murdock is known to suffer physical and mental blows that forced him to step out of his iconic red Daredevil costume. Zdarsky’s run ultimately leads him to do so here on his own accord after believing that he could no longer, in good conscience, continue to wear the cloak after accidentally killing a man.

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After some soul-searching and training under Elektra, he returns triumphantly as the devil from Hell’s Kitchen, red costume and all. He does this by simultaneously admitting his guilt and complying with the sentence of going to jail while spending his final days away doing as much good as he can. The panel with him coming out of the kitchen again is a nice embrace of the character’s personal growth and who he is.

2 She’s Gone (Guardian Devil)

Daredevil mourns the death of Karen Page in Guardian Devil

Guardian devil was a series by Kevin Smith that has been praised for its deep use of religious themes and the philosophical questions it creates for Daredevil internally. That’s a great premise for a Daredevil story, as he’s a character with psychological complexities that would make engaging moral stories.

However, the shocking big moment of Guardian devil It’s when Bullseye – another of his nemesis – kills Karen Page in a church using one of Daredevil’s own billy clubs. She had been a long-time sweetheart at this point in the character’s story, and while Page’s treatment as a character has been reasonably questioned, the panel with Matt holding and crying his lifeless body made one. of Daredevil’s most tragic and sympathetic moments in the comics.

1 Kingpin’s Magnum Opus

Matt mourns the destruction of his apartment and the Daredevil costume

The first act of Born again is used to accumulate and stack the increasing burdens on Matt’s life now that the Kingpin has purchased his identity through the criminal world. His life collapses as the IRS freezes his bank accounts, the bank closes his apartment, and he is charged with criminal activity. The peak of this conflict, however, came when Matt discovers that his apartment has been set on fire, with his Daredevil costume found torn in the debris.

It’s a signal to Matt that Fisk knows who he is, with Matt’s internal dialogue admitting that this is the Kingpin’s magnum opus against him, and that he hardly needed to “sign” it. The following visuals are a series of dark and emotionally overwhelming panels, with close-ups bringing home that right now Matt Murdock is as broken as he has ever been. Seeing it wandering the streets then shows its decline even more abrupt. For a while it’s here Born again turns into a revenge story that nearly went wrong, and it’s clear that this is the essential background material for daredevil the story of season 3.

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