Dark Horse Comics Expands Art Book Line With New Collection Of Art From Saint-Louis Based Artist Lauren Marx. In an exclusive ad to Rhythm, the publisher unveiled Sacred Decomposition: The Art of Lauren Marx, an oversized 120-page hardcover collection of pieces by the artist. The book will feature work from Marx’s upcoming exhibition, “Chimera,” which is scheduled to open at the Corey Helford Gallery in Los Angeles on Saturday, December 14 and end on January 18, 2020.

Marx combines mixed media with pen and ink illustrations to create striking images that juxtapose the beauty and the grotesque of life and death. In a statement regarding the “Chimera” exhibition, Marx describes the evolution and themes of the work presented:

“I am combining my previous themes and concepts of wildlife representations of emotions, personal sanity, family and self with the goal of starting to create a mythological world, centered on North American flora and fauna, for the better express my image of who I am, how I am perceived, my mental health issues and explore self-healing.

For Dark Horse, Marx Sacred decay joins a small handful of other previous art books that aren’t based on video games or movies. Comic book artists love Michael Avon OEM and James stokoe having had art books published by the publisher; Dark Horse has also published books showcasing the work of artists. Tara McPherson and Camille D’Errico, of which the latter has already published three volumes.

Check out the cover for the upcoming art book below. You can also see a selection of his work on Marx’s website. With a retail price of $ 29.99, Sacred Decomposition: The Art of Lauren Marx is scheduled to arrive in stores on July 22, 2020.

Sacred Decomposition: The Art of Lauren Marx