Rooster Fighter is one of the new VIZ manga coming next summer, as announced at New York Comic Con. The avian hero will fight enemies the size of Kaiju.

A new manga with demon kaiju is on his way with a leading avian hero – Cock fighter. At New York Comic Con, VIZ announced several new manga series, including one where giant demonic monsters will be taken care of by an unexpected hero. Next summer, fans will be able to meet him.

The New York Comic Con was held from October 7-10 of this year. VIZ, TokyoPop and Yen Press were all in attendance with new announcements. VIZ had several new projects to reveal, from Death threat To Promised wonderland. There are also plenty of new series coming in 2022, including Cock fighter is just one.

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On Twitter, VIZ shared the news from NYCC. Cock fighter was created by Syu Sakuratani. The first volume has already been released in Japan, and now the series will also arrive in North America. It promises heroic feats of a hero that readers probably wouldn’t expect. Roosters aren’t the first animal that comes to mind when considering heroic creatures, but perhaps the perceptions of these feathered demons will change soon. So far, not much has been revealed about the series beyond a very brief synopsis, which means next summer can’t come soon enough!

When it comes to fighting demons, manga fans love it Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, Bleach, and Inuyasha. Now Tanjiro, Ichigo and Inuyasha will have this new demonic fighter to add to their ranks. Although the synopsis does not directly mention kaiju, these demonic monsters are described as being giant in size and capable of leveling Japanese cities. It sounds exactly like Godzilla’s modus operandi – as well as those of his enemies, King Ghidorah, Rodan, and Destoroyah. Regardless of what the giant may mean in relation to a rooster, the ability to destroy Tokyo means that these monsters really are formidable enemies to face.

Cock fighter will bring a punch if the matching images of the already released Japanese manga volume are anything to go by. This hero lives in a world populated by humans and his attacks are intense, capable of destroying the monsters he faces. He may be small, but his bravery and fierceness in battle is no laughing matter. This manga started as a web series and has been serialized on Complex by Hero’s Inc. since late 2020. This series has not only been licensed in North America, but also in Argentina, Spain, Mexico and Brazil, by other companies. Cock fighter could be the next global success in manga when it finally arrives next year.

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