Brad Winderbaum (Marvel’s Head of Streaming and Animation) and Ryan Meinerding (Head of Visual Development) were on hand at SDCC to talk about several animated programs on Marvel’s horizon. Packed into Ballroom 20, the room was packed to the brim with Marvel fans of all persuasions looking to take a closer look at future animated projects. Moderated by Paul F. Thomkins (who, coincidentally, has a speaking role in an upcoming cartoon), this is Marvel’s first animated panel, illustrating the weight that Marvel’s animated production has begun. to receive within the company. Winderbaum noted that, like many fans in the room, his first introduction to Marvel comics was through the animated programs. For him, it ultimately led to his career: “Growing up watching cartoons was my gateway to cinema.”

First, the next I am Groot series of short films written and directed by Kirsten Lepore. Consisting of comedy shorts for all ages in young Groot’s life, the first five episodes are complete and will be released on August 10.e on Disney+. Marvel is currently working on a second season.

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SDCC '22: Marvel Animation Panel: X-Men '97, Spider-Man: Freshman Year, and More

Next, more information on the next Spider-Man: Year One. For this animated series, Jeff Tramell explained how they returned to the character’s roots with a Ditko-inspired design for the character. Nico Minoru, suddenly Runaways comedic, will be Peter’s best friend, with additional appearances from Dr. Strange and Daredevil helping Peter along the way. The cast of characters is multi-ethnic, reflecting the reality of Marvel’s fan base and reach. Additionally, the Villain Bench features revamped mainstays from the series, like Norman Osborn. He went on to note, “We’ll see what happens when Peter’s greatest enemy becomes his mentor.” While Peter Parker is still becoming a hero, he will wear many different costumes in his first year.

Spider-Man: Year One will fall in 2024.

SDCC '22: Marvel Animation Panel: X-Men '97, Spider-Man: Freshman Year, and More

Marvel Zombies had many interesting character reveals with Kamala Khan promised in the upcoming series. Bryan Andrews said “they don’t suck” which made the comic a fan favorite, keeping the show’s gore and tone in its animated incarnation.

SDCC '22: Marvel Animation Panel: X-Men '97, Spider-Man: Freshman Year, and More

What if…? Season 1 took a step into the Multiverse, and Season 2 promises to dig deeper into the corners of Marvel mythos. In addition to the teased characters and designs, it’s clear that lesser-known narrative possibilities will be explored in the upcoming season. After playing the Season 2 trailer, AC Bradley clarified that attentive viewers likely recognized Gaiman’s fame. 1602 series. Even though the second season has yet to hit Disney+, a third is already in production.

The show that got the most public reaction came from X-Men ’97, the sequel to the popular ’90s animated series. Series writer Beau De Mayo emphasized the importance of the Fox program, saying “the MCU wouldn’t exist if this show didn’t get made.” After revealing the star characters for this new series (with Magneto in the classic purple costume leading the team), he promised that this new season would do the original justice. Reflecting on being a gay man and an adopted child, he connected with the 90s program, stating that “this show is what really taught me to be who I am”. The show is still in production, so no finished animation was shown, but an animatic was shown to the public. The program will air in the fall of 2023.

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