Veteran animator, director and character creator Masami Suda has passed away at the age of 77. According to Nikkan Sports, the host would have died on August 1, 2021. Hisashi Kagawa, among many other figures in the anime industry, offered his condolences via social media. [Thanks, Nikkan!]

Born in 1943, Suda was one of the many animators who worked in the industry during the growing popularity of anime in 1960s Japan. His first project was to work on the original. Speed ​​runner at Tatsunoko Productions in 1967. Later he would work on other prominent children’s shows such as Gatchaman and The Genie family, mixing freelance and Toei work.

Eventually, Suda will work as a character designer and director on Fist of the North Star. A few years later he also worked on other notable series such as SLAM DUNK, the Speed ​​runner remake, Yu Gi Oh !, and the Joe the spectator animates as an animation director. Until 2014, Suda worked as a character designer in the Yokai watch lively.

Many prominent animators who previously worked under Suda came to offer their condolences after her death. In addition to Kagawa, Kenji yokoyama stated that “Suda was someone [he] admired and aspired to be. Rumiko Tezuka, the representative director of Tezuka Production and daughter of prominent mangaka Osamu Tezuka, also said that she grew up watching Suda’s work and that she “respects and offers condolences to the life that has created great success. such multigenerational characters and art ”.