An animated video from Weekly Shonen Jump celebrating a huge sales milestone for the manga Kaiju No. 8 is a treat fans have to see to believe.

Naoya Matsumoto fans manga Kaiju n ° 8 were treated to a surprise recently with the release of a special promotional video from Weekly Shonen Jump celebrating a milestone in sales. Kaiju n ° 8 tells the story of 30-something Kafka Hibino, who lives in a Japan populated by Kaiju, or oversized dinosaur-like monsters that prey on humans. To protect the population from these monsters, the Japanese government created the Defense Corps, a military special operations command with the specific task of finding and eliminating all Kaiju.

As a child, Hibino and his friend Mina Ashiro aspired to become members of the Defense Corps. However, as Ahsiro eventually rejoins the Corps, after numerous attempts, Hibino fails to gain admission. Ultimately, as his friend rises steadily through the ranks of the Defense Corps, Hibino must be content with the next best opportunity – either serving as a sweeper or someone called upon to remove and dispose of the bodies of slain Kaiju. Although the job offers Kafka stability and security, he never overcomes his desire to be a Kaiju hunter. One day, while working, Kafka is infected with a Kaiju parasite. Rather than harming him, the Kaiju transforms Kafka into a humanoid monster. With his newfound powers, Kafka sets out to finally be the hero he always dreamed of being, even if it will put him in conflict with this childhood friend Ashiro.


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Since its debut in July 2020, Kaiju n ° 8 has been one of the most popular manga in the already awesome Weekly Shonen Jumpis stable. To celebrate the publication of the fifth volume of the manga anthology in Japan, as well as the milestone of selling over five million combined print and digital copies, the special promotional video was posted on Weekly Shonen JumpYouTube channel of Jump Comic Channel. The video uses projection mapping technology that can convert still images, like those drawn in a manga, into dynamic video that can be projected on almost any surface.

Kaiju n ° 8 takes an interesting perspective on the Kaiju trend in manga, showing the issue from a less-discussed angle of what it looks like from a community perspective once the battle is won, and the dead Kaiju is laid out on blocks damage and destroyed property. Plus, it also gives readers a feel for the Kaiju perspective, through Hibino’s transformation. It also has a much lighter tone than you might expect from a manga about giant monster attacks.

Considering the show’s enormous popularity, it seems inevitable that it will eventually receive an anime adaptation. But in the meantime, this celebratory video gives readers the best idea of ​​what an animated version of Kaiju n ° 8 would look like. Indeed, while die-hard fans of the Kaiju n ° 8 will surely appreciate Weekly Shonen Jump‘s video, it also provides a cool teaser for potential readers to try out the manga out for themselves.

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Source: Jump Comics Channel

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