Iconic and renowned comic book writer and artist Frank Miller has started his own publishing company, Frank Miller Presents.

According to the futuristic, sci-fi and tech website and blogger, boing boingLegendary writer, artist and filmmaker Frank Miller has started his own comic book publishing company – (FMP) Frank Miller features as editor and president.

Before the outlet started explaining the parameters surrounding what is presumably a creator-owned comics publisher, he said what the current state of affairs is regarding the comics industry in a world where both Marvel and DC greats are struggling to maintain their audiences in the digital age while enjoying skyrocketing popularity, though a lot remains to be desired when it comes to direct market sales.

In the next breath, they detail Miller’s intentions with FMP. Before we continue, let’s see who the key players besides Miller are behind the scenes at the editor: they’re former co-editor at DC, Dan DiDio, editor for FMP, and COO Silenn Thomas. From this columnist’s perspective, it looks like Old Man Frank is doing what the Scotsman from across the Atlantic did with Millarworld, the Magnificent Mark Millar (pun intended).

What the man behind such remarkable works as Return of the Dark Knight, 300and city ​​of sinplans to release at least 2-4 new titles per year, including another entry for these latest acclaimed titles such as City of Sin 1858 and Ronin Book Two. Miller also seeks to collaborate with talent from different ends of an artist’s corner, from masters to self-taught upstarts.

In the current state of the comics industry as it charts uncertain waters, with the introduction of cryptocurrency and NFTs (non-fungible token) and the new platform which has become increasingly more appealing to writers, especially outside of the Big Two – Substack. Manga, while its own thing is one of the beasts that powers the strength of a wider variety of takes in its narrative other than capes and tights. How Miller enters the game will be interesting.

What do you think of Frank Miller Presents? Are you still a fan of Frank Miller? Will you be buying any of FMP’s upcoming titles? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!