Diamond Comic Distributors announced the full lineup of titles for Free Comic Book Day 2023 last Wednesday. Hiroyuki Takeiit is Shaman King Flowers and Sui Ishidait is Choujin X are among the titles available.

Gold Sponsor titles include Viz Mediapreview of Sui Ishidait is Choujin X and Shu Sakurataniit is cock fighter manga. Kodansha comics will feature an all-ages sampler that includes Takayuki Mizushinait is Charming Muco!.

KodanshaSilver Sponsor titles are Hiroyuki Takeiit is Shaman King Flowers and Osamu Nishiit is Welcome to the school of demons! Iruma-kun (Mairimashita! Iruma-kun). Viz titles are Kokonasu Rumbait is Animal Crossing New Horizons: Desert Island Log (Atsumar Doubutsu no Mori: Diary of Mujintō) and Hirokazu Hikawait is Kirby manga Mania.

Other interesting titles for Japanese manga fans include issue 0 of Street Fighter 6: The Comic Book Series. Udon Entertainment collaborates with CAPCOM to produce the comic based on the upcoming Street Fighter 6 fighting game.

The event will take place on May 6 at participating comic shops around the world.

Each year, Free Comic Book Day gives fans a chance to get a selection of free comic book titles from participating comic book stores around the world. A full list of all participating titles can be found on the Free Comic Book Day website.

Source: press release