Goku has mastered multiple transformations that are unique in their own way, with this awesome pixel fan animation showing them all!

The dragonball series protagonist, Gokuis a savagely overpowered Z-Fighter of incalculable strength and skill, and in new fanart animation that transforms his anime and manga look into something more pixelated, all of Goku’s many transformations are at the foreground for the fans!

Posted on Reddit’s r/dbz channel, username u/ASPECT3000 is all about creating sprite art while finding creative ways to incorporate nerd characters fans know and love. Create content from not only the world of dragonballbut DC Comics, Marvel, Invincible, sonic the hedgehogand more, u/ASPECT3000 is an artist worth checking out every time he uploads a new inspired piece of art.


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A Dragon Ball character whose story fans have followed for decades, Goku aka Kakarot is a member of the Saiyan alien race who aims to beat the snot out of people while continually pursuing that next level of power. Able to shift into Super Saiyan form at will along with various other ridiculously overpowered transformations, Goku and his Z-Fighter buddies have fought off bad guy after bad guy and saved the world countless times, not to mention battles fought across the rest of the world. universe, with this animation showing fans what Goku is truly capable of.

Kicking things off with Kakarot in his “base” form, Goku immediately steps up to the first Super Saiyan tier, with the unique pixel art style working wonders in giving fans a new look for a dragonball hero who has had his fair share. Then, teasing the crackling electricity of Super Saiyan 2 a bit, Goku switches to Super Saiyan 3, ascends to Super Saiyan God, and then slips into the mouthful of a transformation known as Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan, or more easily referred to as Super Saiyan Blue. Animate Goku further in this awesome pixel design as he jumps, flips and spins in his Ultra Instinct Sign form, Goku’s final and most recent transformation, the fully powered Ultra Instinct form is shown next, sparkling silver hair and all. But u/ASPECT3000 is not finished yet! As a bonus at the end of the clip, u/ASPECT3000 gives fans a glimpse of Dragon Ball GTSuper Saiyan 4 form and even a quick look at the power of Goku’s Kaioken technique. Talk about a lot of transformations!

So while Goku will no doubt get another form somewhere down the line that will prove to be even more powerful than the previous one, u/ASPECT3000 bringing all of his current transformations together in a fun pixel art style is dragonball fanart at its peak. Goku will never stop striving for the next level of power, so expect u/ASPECT3000 to be there to animate him when he rises again!