Grimes was spotted in downtown Los Angeles on Friday, apparently casually reading Karl Marx Communist manifesto and the internet has gone crazy over the photos.

In her first public appearance since his split from Elon Musk – who is currently the richest man in the world with a value of $ 200 billion – after three years together, the singer was seen studying. the book, which calls for the abolition of inherited wealth and “bourgeois” property.

True to her eccentric futuristic style, Grimes wore a hooded outfit tinted in brown and purple that looked like she was ready for battle.

The photos quickly sparked a memes frenzy on Twitter, with many quickly pointing out the irony that Musk is a billionaire and therefore arguably the biggest winner in capitalism.

There were also those who took the opportunity to troll the singer by editing the photo to make it look like she was reading another book.

And, elsewhere, some people noted that Grimes did not read the book carefully and guessed that the images were either staged or that she was simply trolling the media with her “fake candid”.

And it seems these people were right.

As the photos began to circulate quickly, the singer took to Twitter to explain the reason behind the photos.

She tweeted: “The paparazzi followed me for 2 shoots, so I tried 2 to think of what I could do that would produce the most onion title possible and it worked haha”, and posted one footage itself with a New York Post article, which covered the story.

Grime then went into more detail on the situation that led to her being photographed with the famous book.

“I was really stressed out when the paparazzi kept following me this week, but I realized this was the opportunity to troll .. I swear that title omg wtf haha ​​I’m dead.”

She then clarified her political views by writing: “Full disclosure, I still live with th [Elon Musk] and I’m not a communist (although there are some very clever ideas in this book – but personally I’m more interested in a radical decentralized ubi which I think could potentially be achieved through crypto and games, but I haven’t ironed out this idea yet enough to explain it.

“Regardless my views on politics are hard to describe because the political systems that inspire me the most have yet to be implemented).

Considering all the attention paid to her choice of reading, maybe Grimes could start a book club?