NYCC to host virtual awards screening on Friday

The organizers of the Harvey Awards, which recognize outstanding work in comics and sequential art, announced on Wednesday that they would induct manga creator Rumiko takahashi as one of five new members of their Hall of Fame this year, alongside Bernie Wrightson, Jeffrey Catherine Jones, Barry Windsor-Smith and Michael kaluta.

Since his debut in 1978, Takahashi has created manga such as Urusei yatsura, Ikkoku House, Mermaid Saga, Rum Theater, Ranma 1/2, Gospel of a pound, and Inuyasha. During his career spanning more than four decades, many of his works have gained worldwide popularity and have inspired adaptations of anime and live action.

Takahashi finished it RIN-NE manga in Weekly Shonen Sunday in December 2017. The 40th and final compiled volume of the manga was shipped to Japan in January 2018. She released a new manga titled OMA in May 2019. Takahashi’s Inuyasha the manga also inspires a currently airing anime spin-off titled Yashahime: Half-Demon Princess (Hanyō no Yashahime).

The virtual screening of the Harvey Awards will take place on Friday at New York Comic Con.

Manga nominated for Best Manga at this year’s Harvey Awards include Naoki Urasawa‘s Asadora!, Keito Gaku‘s The boys run the riot, Tatsuki Fujimoto‘s Man with chainsaw, Junji Ito‘s Remina, and Tatsuya Endō‘s SPY X FAMILY. The Harvey Awards added the Best Manga category in 2018. Kabi nagata‘s My lesbian experience with loneliness manga won first prize in this category. Kamome Shirahama‘s Witch Hat Workshop won the award last year.

Source: ICv2 (Jeffrey Dohm-Sanchez)