A World of Warcraft YouTuber reimagines what Blizzard’s board meeting was like when World of Warcraft Classic was created.


classic world of warcraft was something fans of the ever-expanding MMORPG had wanted for years. Released in 2019, classic world of warcraft returned the game to its original state before the release of “The Burning Crusade”, which was World of Warcraft first expansion. The game was brought back to nine original classes, with eight total races of players to choose from, and much of the gameplay was similar to that of World of Warcraft in 2006, with some necessary changes that improved the playability of the game.


The introduction of classic world of warcraft was seen as a refreshing move by many, as it allowed older players to play the game in a fairly original state, while allowing new players to join without having to spend their money on multiple expansions. For players who wanted to relive the release of the expansions, classic world of warcraft announced the introduction of a “Burning Crusade Classic” in May 2021. A World of Warcraft player however, imagined what the initial decision to include World of Warcraft was like at Blizzard HQ.

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Use of templates and environments world of warcraft, the short animated video shows a hilarious parody of the decision-making involved at Blizzard headquarters, with a greedy goblin at the head of the table, the ensuing chaos outside Blizzard’s conference room, and a skeleton representing Blizzard’s public relations department. Clearly the video takes more than a few shots at the World of Warcraft developer, and that he has a more cynical view of introducing World of Warcraft Classics inclusion. Cynicism is not new to World of Warcraft fans, although he does not appear in all fan-created animations. Some of them are quite wholesome, like a wholesome, winter-themed World of Warcraft animation.

Fan response to this video has been positive, with many people in the comments appreciating Blizzard’s humor and mockery. One commenter particularly enjoyed the ‘budget cuts’ button gag that resulted in an employee at the board meeting being thrown out the window by two ogres, while another commenter wrote “I think this perfectly represents how shareholders and Blizzard’s inner circle operate centrally.” The animation isn’t just used by Blizzard fans though, the developer itself has teased an animated series based on World of Warcraft in 2020.

The YouTuber who created the animation, known as “Guides to Gorak”, also said they left out “several things that were happening that I didn’t think were appropriate topics for the levity.” While the YouTuber didn’t specifically refer to the actual situation he was mentioning, it was likely the ongoing harassment case against Activision Blizzard, which recently saw employees fired for misconduct.

classic world of warcraft is now available on PC.

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