Hunter x Hunter series creator Yoshihiro Togashi has surprised fans by announcing that he’s been working on bringing the manga back after the series’ longest hiatus yet, and now the latest creator update is ramping up even more. plus the comeback with his biggest leap yet in progress! Togashi quickly took the internet by storm when the creator suddenly appeared in a mysterious Twitter account that teased that he had started working on his latest comeback with ten chapters planned for the near future. Since then, fans have been hooked to this account for every new update.

It’s been over four long years since Hunter X Hunter last released a new chapter, so not only did the initial update surprise fans, but each new update only heats things up even more. The latest update from Togashi’s Twitter account shares a new look at the finished ninth chapter of the creator’s latest batch and that means it’s now a crucial step forward to be truly complete and actually released in the magazine pages in the near future. Check out the latest update below:

While these updates are notable, they also continue with Togashi’s previously stated intention to return to Shonen Jump magazine with ten chapters planned between each series hiatus. So, even though it’s been so long since the last real update, it’s remarkable to see that the creator seems to be sticking to that plan anyway. At the same time, these are probably just the first storyboard drafts for the ten chapters in question and there could be even more work to do before the chapters are actually released.

That being said, it’s also the biggest progress update we’ve gotten for the series during this entire hiatus. Before hitting Twitter a few days ago, it seemed like this latest hiatus would go on forever, so at least now fans can rest easy knowing that there will be new material coming soon. Whether or not fans will have time to catch up on the succession contest arc before it resumes remains to be seen.

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