If you follow the my hero academia manga, then you know the series is ready to drive home a new arc. Villains are set to play in 2022, and right now fans seem pretty optimistic about the change. There’s quite a bit of hesitation from fans on the move, and honestly, it’s hard to fault them for the manga’s last year. The story has hit a roadblock, so you’re not alone if you feel like the series has been…off.

The whole situation unfolded on social media after fans started pointing out some recent redundancies in the manga. It didn’t take long for that my hero academia fandom to get involved, and they were quick to point out the thorny side of the story. While the manga tries to fix the problem, my hero academia spent much of 2021 in a waiting pattern that never conveyed the story in any real way.

Simply put, the manga got a head start in 2021. From its first chapter, creator Kohei Horikoshi crafted a solid superhero story with an appropriate pacing. There were peaks and valleys with plot-driven, character-driven arcs. And of course, the villains got their share of action mixed in with our heroes. That was the case until the manga continued its Raid arc, and well – things fell apart soon after.

The epic arc moved forward at a faster rate than any manga he had worked with before. my hero academia took the saga as a chance to answer tons of burning questions, and its ending felt more like a series finale than anything. This reduced many of the stakes fans had accumulated over the years since Horikoshi’s manga debut, and 2021 was the year the manga was meant to bring new challenges. But unfortunately that didn’t happen. Although Lady Nagant and Star and Stripe’s introductions were fun, they added little to the series. It doesn’t even touch Shigaraki’s do-or-die power transfer which keeps getting delayed.

To some extent, fans have wondered how much Horikoshi’s original vision for my hero academia has changed since the Raid arc. The story and its lackluster sequel look totally different from the artist. The manga’s failure to create tension over the past year has fans even more worried, and their concern hasn’t gone away. my hero academia still moves at a fast pace, and the only thing that could redeem the story with fans is time. The manga needs more time to up the stakes… but only time will tell if the manga heeds the advice. And if it doesn’t work, well – we don’t know if my hero academiathe end will justify its means.

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