Image Comics staffers took to their union’s website for Comic Book Workers United to announce that they had voted 7-2. These staff members work behind the scenes of the creators making the comics working in editorial, accounting, etc. This means Comic Book Workers United has been officially recognized by the National Labor Relations Board and will become part of the 700,000-member Communication Workers of America union.

Daily union elections Twitter account posted the news yesterday.

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It is the very first comic book publishing company in the United States to unionize.

In an update posted on the Comic Book Workers United site, ten Image staffers signed a letter that reads:

We are beyond thrilled to announce that today we, Comic Book Workers United, won our union election, making Image Comics the FIRST unionized comic book publisher in the United States.

All 12 Image staff members submitted ballots, which led to a 7:2 result in favor of the union. Currently, the ballots of three staff members are the subject of a frivolous legal challenge over eligibility, so their ballots have not been opened. Although these three ballots were not open, contesting them had no impact on our supermajority victory. The CBWU and CWA continue to push for their inclusion in the democratic process.

Winning this election is just the start – as always, we’re #drawninsolidarity and look forward to continuing to work with CWA on the next steps towards securing a strong, fair and exemplary first contract for workers in the comic book publishing.

We want to emphasize how crucial it is for all workers to know that they deserve respect, fair treatment, fair compensation and recognition for their time and efforts. The NLRB, NLRBGC and CWA have been a boon of resources on how to get started on the road to unionization.

We sincerely hope that today’s victory will inspire our peers to organize for a democratic voice. CBWU is ready to stand by your side to help create a better and fairer comics industry for all.


Emilio Bautista

Ryan Brewer

Leanna Caunter

Marla Eizik

Drew Fitzgerald

Melissa Gifford

Chloe Ramos

Tricia Ramos

Jon Schlaffman

Erika Schnatz

Stay tuned to AIPT as this news will likely continue to develop. Whether this union will inspire others in the comics industry remains to be seen, but it’s something to watch as 2022 unfolds.

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