speed racer Launches: A live-action series based on the iconic animated property is currently in development at Apple, with JJ Abrams set to serve as executive producer.

According VarietyHiram Martinez (snowdrops, Get Shorty) and Ron Fitzgerald (Westworld) will serve as both co-writers and showrunners on the project.

A speed racer The series has reportedly been in development for a number of years and is now coming to fruition as part of an overall deal between Warner Bros. TV and Abrams and his company, Bad Robot. The series is expected to hire the rest of its writing staff in the coming days.

Created by Tetsuo Yoshida, speed racer began as a 1960s manga series and was adapted to the United States as an anime in 1967, with over 50 episodes. A reboot of the series in English, Speed ​​Racer X, was made by Nickelodeon in 2002, but its release was hampered by licensing issues. The Wachowskis ran their own riff on the source material – a live-action feature film starring Emile Hirsch – in 2008, but it turned out to be a major flop for Warner Bros. Pictures.

Tatsunoko Production has held the worldwide rights to the IP since 2013 and now appears to be endorsing Apple’s next addition to the franchise’s canon.

speed racer will count as one of many other upcoming projects from Abrams and Bad Robot as part of their overall $250 million deal. In addition to Justice League Dark (for HBO Max), they are also working on a series about the U2 group for Netflix, and the large-scale sci-fi drama Demimonde for HBO.

Abrams’ deal with Warner doesn’t tie him exclusively to the studio, however, and he’s now in pre-production on another star trek feature for Paramount.

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