Last year, Sony Pictures hired Marc Guggenheim to write the screenplay for an adaptation of the popular Japanese manga series. Gantz, and now the project has taken another step forward, as Julius Avery has been hired to take the helm. Avery once directed the crime thriller Old scoundrel (watch it HERE) and the WWII horror movie Suzerain, which can be viewed on THIS LINK.

Although Guggenheim, who is best known for executive production of DC Comics-inspired TV shows Arrow and Legends of tomorrow, was involved in the Gantz adaptation for a year and a half already, Deadline notes that the project is “at the beginning of development” and that there is no date for the start of production yet.

Written and illustrated by Hiroya Oku, the Gantz the manga focuses on

Kei Kurono and Masaru Kato, both died in a train crash and part of a semi-posthumous “game” in which they and several other recently deceased are forced to hunt down and kill aliens armed to the teeth. all kinds of futuristic weapons and gadgets.

Avery’s film will not be the first adaptation of the manga. Gantz has already served as the basis for a two-season animated series, an anime feature called Gantz: O, and two live films directed by Shinsuke Sato; Gantz and Gantz: perfect answer.

The Sony adaptation is produced by Temple Hill.

Avery is currently in post-production on the superhero thriller Sylvester Stallone. Samaritan, whose release is scheduled for August 26, 2022. He is also attached to write and produce a Van Helsing film for Universal Pictures and producer James Wan. Now we’ll have to wait and see which one goes into production first: Gantz Where Van Helsing.

Are you a fan of Gantz? If so, would you be interested in seeing a live-action adaptation directed by Julius Avery? Let us know your thoughts on this project by leaving a comment below.

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