Funimation offers a special chance to established fans of Kakushigoto as well as newcomers get the chance to be immersed in this delightful, albeit bizarre, father-daughter tale this week. From Friday August 6 Kakushigoto Theatrical edition will air on the anime platform exclusively in multiple territories around the world.

From Kouji Kumeta’s manga, Kakushigoto is a slice of life comedy about Kakushi Goto, a single dad who tries to keep his risky drawing job ecchi (obscene manga) a secret from his adorable 10 year old daughter, Hime. So begins a series of hijinks – as well as tender and emotional moments. The title has a double meaning in Japanese: “secret” and “drawing”.

Kakushigoto The Theatrical Edition not only recaps the events of the series, but also includes all new footage, making it the perfect cover for fans as well as new viewers.

This title will be available to stream on Funimation this Friday in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand, followed by Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Peru. later in August. An English dub for the film is also in the works.


Kakushigoto Theatrical Edition © Kouji Kumeta, KODANSHA / KAKUSHIGOTO Film Committee