This year’s 21st issue of Shueisha‘s big jump magazine revealed on Wednesday that Hiroshi Motomiya and Kei Toume will both launch a new manga in future issues of the magazine.

Motomiya’s new manga is titled Ninomiya Kinjiro, and it will launch in the magazine’s next issue on October 20. The historical manga will focus on real-life economist and philosopher Ninomiya Sontoku, whose birth name was Ninomiya Kinjirō.

Motomiya ended the Boku, Imasu yo (I’m Here You Know) manga in April.

Motomiya made his debut as a manga artist in 1965. Many of his other manga – such as Otoko Ippiki Gaki Daisho, Ore no Sora, and Otokogi – inspired live action and anime adaptations. His Katsu Fûtarô !! manga inspired a live-action movie that opened in November 2019.

The popular of Motomiya Salary Kintaro the manga is chained in Shueisha‘s Weekly Youth Jump magazine since 1994. He relaunched the series as a web manga in April 2005, and launched several spinoff series in Weekly Youth Jump since 2009. NTT Solmare‘s ComicFriends FacebookThe based service briefly offered the manga in English, but the service closed in 2012. The manga inspired a live-action movie directed by Takashi Miike, several live drama series and a 2001 animated series that Magic of the Arts released in North America.

Motomiya launched the Kōun Ryūsui [Jofuku] manga in Shueisha‘s big jump magazine in January 2017, and Shueisha published the eighth and final volume in January 2020. Motomiya then launched the Umi o Wataru be manga in big jump in April 2020, and the series ended after 10 chapters. Motomiya and Hiroshi Takano launched the Good work manga in Young jump in July 2018, and ended it in July 2020.

Toume’s new manga is titled Jinbōchō by Kosho Kurashi (Living With Old Books in Jinbōchō), and it will launch in the magazine’s first 2022 issue on December 1. The manga will focus on a group of girls living in the Jinbōchō district of Tokyo, well known as a center for print and second-hand media. classic books.

Toume ended the Kūden no Himegimi (Rocky Princess or lit., Static Princess) manga (left) on May 11.

The manga is a continuation of Toume’s precedent Kūden Noise no Himegimi (Static Noise Princess) manga. The original manga launched in Gentosha‘s Birz comic magazine in July 2016, and Gentosha published the third volume compiled in January 2019. Birz comic completed serialization in June 2018. The manga then relaunched with the new title Kūden no Himegimi in Kodansha‘s Evening magazine in January 2019. Kodansha published the third volume of the compiled book on May 21.

Tokyopop published Toume’s Lament of the Lamb manga in English. Lament of the Lamb inspired a four episodes original video animation (OAV) in 2003. Toume Sing “yesterday” to me (Yesterday in Utatte) manga inspired an anime televised by Yoshiyuki Fujiwara and Doga Kobo which premiered in April 2020.

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