The previously announced English version of Ranking of kings manga has been temporarily suspended due to “typographic and translation issues”. BookLive, the manga’s official UK distributor, announced the news in a statement while apologizing for any inconvenience.

Volumes 1-7 have been distributed digitally on the BookWalker website since February and are being re-translated. Readers who purchased the version will be able to read it even after it is no longer available for purchase and will be able to download the updated translation once it becomes available for free.

Ranking of Kings Manga Translation Suspension – Plagiarism and more

According to an analysis of Katrina Leonoudakisa localization expert with experience in anime and manga translations, the main issue with the first volume of the Ranking of kings the manga is not the quality, but the fact that it is copied from an earlier fan-made translation (also known as a scanlation). Allegations of plagiarism are a gray legal area in this case, as fan translations are a form of piracy, but the scanlation team that did the first translation confirmed that they did not work on the official version in any capacity. The similarities extend to translations of sound effects (onomatopoeia) as well as bonus pages which seem to be entirely copied. The official English version also contains many misused phrases and general errors, but these pale in comparison to the amount of copied content, which only gets worse as the first volume progresses. “More than half of the content is stolen,” says Katrina.

I just spent a few hours analyzing the differences between the official release of Ranking of Kings and the scanlation that preceded it. 42% of all dialogues in the official “translation” of chapters 1-3 are DIRECTLY LIFT from scanlation.🧵
Katrina Leonoudakis – Kings Ranking Plagiarism Issues Discussion

BookLive, along with translation contractor Dragon Digital Japan, deeply apologized for the lack of quality which may have caused “serious damage to the quality of the original work”. The official website of the translation company Dragon Digital Japan clarifies that they specialize in translating manga from Japanese to Indonesian, but also offer career planning services.

Ranking of Kings is a manga by Sosuke Toka, serialized on the user-generated website Manga Hack since 2017. Kadokawa’s Enterbrain serializes the manga in Comic Beam magazine and also published it in 12 volumes.

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