Bleeding Cool gets the word that teased it Knights of X Marvel series, as part of the Fate of X books, will indeed continue from Excalibur in the Krakoan X-Men lineup. But more so, just as Excalibur ventured into Otherworld, the otherworldly fairy world from which Merlyn and Captain Britain hail – and which Sir James Jaspers and the Furies have made their home. This will therefore be the sole objective of Knights of X, be the Otherworld book and explore its many areas. How many kingdoms, you ask? Ten. As House of X was really House Of Ten – the tenth life of Moira Mactaggert, and Powers of X was really Powers Of Ten – looking at the time periods where it started, ten years later, a hundred years later and a thousand years later, so Knights of X really is Knights Of Ten. Or rather, Knights Of Ten Realms. And, yes, it will probably be written by Excalibur and catwomanit is Tini Howardand designed by New MutantsRod Reis, continue the fight between the mutants of Krakoa and Otherworld, against Merlyn and his forces of Avalon.

Fate of X

And while Bleeding Cool reported that Hell recount days of future past upside down, with the future of a mutant paradise coming to the present to try and change things for a non-mutant type, so Knights Of X may also mirror Days Of Future Past’s take, but with dimensions instead of periods, with mutants under assault by the Furies. Look for Knights Of X members to include Captain Britain Betsy Braddock, Gambit, Rictor, Shatterstar, Bei The Blood Moon and Rachel Summers. Which is always good for a Days Of Future Past storyline…

More to come as we have it. Which should be later today. Almost as if we had the powers of fate ourselves…

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