Image: Lucasfilm / IDW Publishing

An issue of a Star Wars comic is making a bit of noise online because people think Samuel L. Jackson’s iconic Jedi Master Mace windu looks like a racist caricature and… a little, well, simian.

Image is from IDW Publishing Star Wars Adventures # 9, published in 2020.

It should be noted that Windu does not not looks quite like … disabled… In other panels of the book, and it was probably just the artist’s style and not deliberate trolling.

And Windu has been drawn a number of times in other Star Wars comics, and they managed not to make it so awful.

However, that didn’t stop many Twitter users from wondering why IDW’s editors didn’t get the image before it went to press. Especially with Disney’s increased focus on diversity and inclusion.

While that kind of outrage can normally cause Disney to react… it’s pointless. The IDW publication is stop publishing both the Marvel Comics and Star Wars lines for all ages.

The word is that disney drawn license, for unknown reasons that are probably unrelated to this particular issue.

Anyway, as they like to say… it’s a “bad look” in “the current year”.

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