Publishers Weekly: Manga and Anime Dominate at NYCC

The publishing journal Weekly editors featured an article titled “Manga Wins New York Comic Con 2022″. Its writer, Deb Aoki, who is known for her writing on manga, posited that “the overall impression was that manga, anime, and Japanese pop culture are now massively embraced by American fans and have claimed their place. in North American popular culture.

Aoki noted that New York Comic Con 2022, compared to NYCC before COVID, has seen a manga boom. She pointed out that the largest booths near the entrance (which would be the most expensive places for businesses to get) housed Bandai Namco, VIZ Media and Konami, and the dragon of Dragon Ball Z suspended above.

Anyone who goes to a comic book convention knows how often people dress up in DC and Marvel costumes, but Aoki said cosplaying for shows like SPY x FAMILY and demon slayer were equally popular. She also pointed out that Marvel Comics was keen to co-host the signatures of Eiichi Shimizu and Tomohiro Shimoguchi, the creators behind the Ultraman manga. There will be crossover comics with Ultraman and The Avengers.

Another big thing was how Times Square — not part of the Jacob Javits Center where the con took place, but nearby — saw half of its billboards turn red in the ad for the movie. ‘animation. One Piece Movie: Red. (Across the country, One Piece Movie: Red was also plugged in by the USC Marching Band this year.)

When Chainsaw Man won a Harvey Award, it brought more attention to manga. Not to mention NYCC was where Chainsaw Man the anime adaptation got its first look. The beginnings of the new Bleach arc anime was also at New York Comic Con.

NYCC has also seen an increase in comics from other Asian countries, particularly South Korea. Yen Press, best known for its manga, was plugging in its new manhwa brand, Ize Press.

Source: Weekly editors


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