Saudi Research and Media Group’s (SRMG) Manga Arabia is participating in Anime Village as part of Jeddah’s 2022 season.

Anime Village is the first and largest village in the Middle East to celebrate anime.

The village offers several world exhibitions and entertainment activities that celebrate anime.

The village was inaugurated on Thursday and will remain open for six weeks.

Manga Arabia will feature alongside Japan’s most renowned publishers and production houses. It has its own exhibition wing which offers interactive activities for people of all ages.

Manga Arabia will offer several enrichment workshops, including story writing, the basics of manga illustration and production, and Japanese language lessons for beginners.

A Manga Arabia cafe has been set up where people of all ages will be able to receive copies of Manga Arabia comics.

Manga Arabia Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Issam Amanallah Bukhary said, “Manga Arabia has marked a revolution in entertainment innovation in Saudi Arabia and the Arab world.

“It’s no secret that the art of manga, its stories and cartoons, have had a major impact on generations,” he added.

“Through this project, we hope to strengthen the imagination and open wider horizons for readers to take part in inspiring experiences,” he remarked.

“At Manga Arabia, we believe in the important role of interaction with reader and fans, so we have sought to be part of major Seasons events, such as Riyadh Season, where we have achieved remarkable success through Manga Arabia Boulevard,” he added.

“We are continuing this success through our exclusive presence at Anime Village at Jeddah Season,” he said.

SRMG launched Manga Arabia in August 2021 due to the growth in popularity of Japanese manga and anime in the region over the past two decades and the demand for localized storytelling. Manga Arabia’s imaginative Arabic content is useful, safe and inspired by Arabic cultural values.

Manga Arabia offers two offers: “Manga Arabia Kids” with content aimed at 10-15 year olds, and a second title targeting 16 year olds and over.

With the aim of stimulating and fostering the imagination and creativity of the community, Manga Arabia produces original, high-quality and authentic content inspired by the culture and values ​​of the Arab region for regional and global audiences. The project champions local creations for original content, as well as translated content from Japanese and international partners.