Just a month after its launch, it appears that a popular manhwa is ending following allegations of plagiarism. According to an update from Anime News Network, Naver Webtoon has confirmed that he will not be posting The cat on a hot roof Longer. It comes after an online forum went viral to share how manhwa parts are similar to manga. Monster.

The comparison began to go viral in mid-September, and Naver responded to the plagiarism accusations in a statement. Now the online comic book publisher says he’s finished serializing the manhwa. The story creator also agreed to wrap up the post with Naver going the extra mile to apologize to fans disappointed with the news.

For those who are curious about the basis of plagiarism, well – it comes from two sources. The first is from the hit series by Naoki Urasawa Monster. Fans of the manga compared a plethora of layouts and designs from the two series. As it turns out, The cat on a hot roof reflects many of Monster’s layout choices, and that’s not all.

Fans were also quick to point out the similarities to the evangelization franchise. Netizens noted that the main men in the manhwa looked suspiciously like Shinji and Kaworu from Neon Genesis Evangelion. Those raised concerns were enough to raise eyebrows, and internet users quickly turned the thread into a viral thread. Now the drama is over with the manhwa canceled. But if you fancy a good manhwa, sites like LINE Webtoon and Naver are always there for you.

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