Dokuha manga series published Old, New Testament in 2010

The manga adaptation of the Koran by Team Banmikasu, Dokuha manga: Quran (Reading Through with Manga: The Koran), will ship to Japan on Sunday. The adaptation of the Islamic religious text will be the last opus of the Japanese publisher Eastern PressDokuha manga classic literature series.

Eastern Press describes the book on its website:

The Qur’an is the foundation of daily life and of the ideology of people who believe in the teachings of Islam. The name Islam is often heard in the daily news, but because we Japanese people usually don’t know it, a perverted picture [of Islam] as sober or linked to terrorism is likely to persist. So what kind of lessons [Muslims] really believe? What are they thinking about? To understand the modern international community and Islam, let’s try to experience the scriptures where it is all written.

the Dokuha manga series launched in 2007 and includes 133 famous works by Japanese and international authors. Popular books in the series include the manga version of the Nazi Dictator Adolf Hitlerthe manifesto of Mein Kampf and an adaptation of Karl Marx Das Capital treaty. The series published the manga of the Old Testament and the New Testament, the two sections of the Christian Bible, in 2010.

the Eastern Press The first title in the series was that of Osamu Dezai Is no longer human novel which JManga, a legal online manga reading platform, added in 2011. JManga also added the Variety Art Works version of the Dokuha manga series’ The Word of Buddha in 2012. North American publisher Books One Peace released the series versions of Miguel de CervantesDon Quixote, F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Gatsby the magnificent, Herman Melville‘s Moby-dick, James Joyce Odysseus, and HG Wells’ The war of the Worlds novels in 2012.

The Bible has already received several manga adaptations, including that of Tyndale House Publishers. Manga Bible in 2007.

Source: Comic Natalie