Twitch streamer Charlie “halcr1tikal” White paid tribute to his love for slapping with a new comic.

The series titled GODSLAP has its first number, The prologue, available for pre-order for the next 30 days. There are four cover variations, and the limited edition variations sold out quickly within the first hour of sales going live.

In a Youtube video discussing the project, Charlie shared a bit about the book and how it came to be.

GODSLAP is a book that combines my love for slaps with my love for outrageous lunatics, action and gore, ”Charlie said. “It marries them into this universe that you won’t help falling in love with.”

He said the idea for the comic came about when he and co-creator Jackson Clarke came up with ideas for content and that Charlie’s pitch for a slapping anime was the best idea of ​​the bunch.

The project team included Charlie, Jackson, and fellow creators Danny Palmer and Mathew Phillips. With help from screenwriter Stephanie Phillips, letters from Troy Peteri, illustrations by Ricardo Jaime and logos by Darran Robinson.

With a team that worked hard on the project, Charlie claims that GODSLAP contains the greatest comic book artwork in history, with a mix between traditional comic book art and manga style artwork to create something fresh.

Charlie also announced in his video that the team was in the process of having the first 15 pages of the comic animated. He also claims that they have secured pitching opportunities with streaming platforms that could potentially take GODSLAP in its first full season.

For those who want to get their hands on this unique comic PROLOGUE is available for pre-order until August 4.